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A little caveat to say I know I’m not a fashion blogger, I’m more coffee shop chic, rather than London Fashion Week… BUT I do love to shop and always like to know where things are from when I see someone wearing something I like, therefore I thought I’d save people the hard work and drop links to everything you’ll see me wearing on my Insta.. as well as some things I would like to see on my Instagram account, but haven’t got round to purchasing yet!

I’ve been working with Boden clothing for a couple of months now as one of their Brand Ambassadors. Something I am immensely proud of as I love the brand and the way their classic designs all have a fun and modern twist. Everything I’ve selected from Boden so far is linked below, together with a special selection of items from Mini Boden that I have picked out for Ettie and Ollie. I’ve tried to have fun with my selections but also choose pieces that will work hard in our wardrobe for months to come. If you see anything you like simply follow this link: BODEN Discount and it will give you 20% off at checkout.

Finally I also know how tricky it can be finding things to wear when you are a breastfeeding Mum, so as I am currently feeding Ollie. Everything you see below is breastfeeding friendly. If you’d like to know more about Breastfeeding Friendly Fashion, I published a post with my top tips recently that you might find helpful.

Please do feel free to pop me a message if you have any questions and I hope you find some ideas below…