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Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas from Tropic

Hands up if you’d like to spoil your nearest and dearest this festive season, but are stumped on what to buy them?  Perhaps you’d like to move towards more sustainable present choices but aren’t sure where to begin? If this strikes a chord, then fear not, I have a range of Sustainable Christmas Gift ideas that will be perfect for just about everyone this Christmas. sustainable Christmas gift

Whether you’re shopping for him, for her, your Secret Santa (or yourself!), I’ve got you covered. Have a look through these natural, 100% vegan collections and I’m sure you’ll find the perfect gift! Then if you do, please get in touch using the comment form below or at @skincarewithemma_x and I’ll make sure you don’t miss out on any festive offers that are currently running. From Black Friday deals to my own festive giveaways, its always worth a quick message to get yourself some freebies and I loooooove making connections with new customers. Helping people with their skincare needs is my FAVOURITE thing to do 🙂

A Sustainable Christmas Gift With a Deeper Meaning?

This Christmas, Tropic’s campaign is called ‘Get Closer’ and with their Christmas collections, they are inviting you to get closer to the things that matter most: yourself, your loved ones, and your surroundings. The limited edition aromatherapy collections and luxury gift sets have been thoughtfully designed to bring people together, harnessing organic, freshly squeezed ingredients and premium essential oils, to deliver self-care routines that not only nurture your skin, but nourish your wellbeing, and promise clinically tested results.

Beauty Christmas tins sitting on the stairs

Enchanting Aromatherapy Collection £42


A treasure trove of indulgence, this exquisite set is steeped in the world’s most romantic essences. I love this cracker so much I’ve already bought one for myself because I knew the one for my display was going to get used up too quickly!
This sustainable Christmas gift contains a beautiful rose quartz roller which I keep in my handbag to top up my fragrance throughout the day, a gorgeous milky bath and shower oil and a beautiful silky body milk.. all in the most beautiful, feminine and fresh scent.


Freshly made using the most luxurious tropical butters and oils, our Enriching Bath and Shower Oil blends conditioning shea oil with mineral magnesium to replenish moisture levels and relax muscles. The Iridescent Body Silk cocoons skin in youth-enhancing rosehip oil to leave you intensely moisturised, as powdered rose quartz cloaks skin in radiant shimmer. Luxurious layers of empowering essential oils, delivered by a rose quartz roller, unleashes inner power and elevates wellbeing. If you’ve ever smelled the Elemis Frangipani range… this is it but better!!

This collection contains:

SO LOVED enriching bath and shower oil | 95ml
SO LOVED iridescent body silk | 90ml
SO LOVED aromatherapy pulse point oil | 10ml with a precious rose quartz roller

Uplfting Aromatherapy Collection £42


This HAS to be one my my FAVOURITE scents that Tropic have ever made!! Think the mango scent from summer mixed with the Lemon Myrtle in our amazingly refreshing Body Smooth. Infused with a joyful aromatherapy blend of freshly squeezed citrus fruits, zingy eucalyptus and juicy green mango, this trio of limited edition products delivers full-body refreshment and softness, to leave your loved one recharged and ready to seize the day.


A complete routine to reinvigorate both body and soul, we’ve harnessed the best of aromatherapy to meticulously blend each formulation in this collection.  Our Brightening Body Wash harnesses gently exfoliating pineapple enzymes to revitalise skin, while the vitamin C and green mango extracts in our Brightening Buttercream promise endless radiance and protect against free radical damage.

Perfect for desks and handbags, the Mood Mist comes balanced with enlivening notes of citrus to uplift any space and boost your energy levels.

This collection contains:

SO JOYFUL aromatherapy mood mist | 30ml
SO JOYFUL brightening body wash | 100ml
SO JOYFUL brightening buttercream | 100ml

Shop here or pop me a message below x

Unwinding Aromatherapy Collection £42


This is the Ultimate gift for anyone who needs to slow down and take a little time to unwind. Do you know anyone who works too hard and really needs a bit of self love. Some time to put their feet up and relax? This tin contains three products infused with our proprietary aromatherapy blend of seven premium distilled essential oils, including wild lavender, chamomile and frankincense. The soothing formulas are clinically tested and shown to improve sleep quality by 33%*.

 *In an independent clinical study at the London Sleep Centre. Tested on volunteers with insomnia and other sleep disorders after seven days of use.  


Folded with deeply conditioning ucuuba butter and mineral magnesium, our buttercream does more than just intensely soften skin, it relaxes tense muscles and soothes any soreness. Delicately balanced with notes of lavender, So Sleepy Pillow Mist and Aromatherapy Pulse Point Oil calms your senses, as the amethyst roller grounds your body, helping you slip into ultimate bedtime bliss.
This collection contains:
💜SO SLEEPY aromatherapy pulse point oil | 10ml
with a restorative amethyst roller
💜SO SLEEPY magnesium buttercream 100ml to relieve tension in body and mind
💜SO SLEEPY pillow mist 30ml clinically proven to improve sleep quality by 33%
£42 and you can order direct through me here


The WORLDS FIRST certified Natural Retinal Serum launched in October and it is INCREDIBLE! I was lucky enough to trial a prototype of this serum back in April and I genuinely couldn’t believe the difference it made. Nothing for two weeks so I was sceptical, but then on the 14th day like magic, my skin felt plump and smooth. It is our best anti-ageing product by farrrrrr! (and that is coming from someone who thought Skin Dream could never be beaten!)

This ground-breaking serum rapidly reverses the visible signs of ageing. It has taken a DECADE of in-house research and biochemistry to develop. The World Leading formula not only feeds the skin with RETINAL (which is TEN TIMES stronger than Retinol. It also includes TEN youth-enhancing actives to effectively reduce fine lines, boosting collagen relieve any potential irritation.

But don’t take my word for it.  In an eight week clinical study results found:

✨ Skin was 26% more lifted
✨ 100% of users had improved Skin elasticity
✨ 95 % of users reported smoother skin
✨ 95% of users seen a visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
✨ 100% of users reported NO IRRITATION which is amazing for a Retinal product!!


Give the Gift of touchably soft, naturally restored hands with the enriching hand collection Beauty Cracker. Nourishing nut butters and enriching vitamins are whipped with creamy coconut and Madagascan vanilla to intensely condition dry skin, reduce hyperpigmentation and delight the senses with a delectable aroma. This is definitely my FAVOURITE cracker because it’s so practical to carry around. It also contains a brand new Scent of irresistible Madagascan vanilla and coconut! Scents SO GOOD that they make you want to use the products which can only be a good thing for your hands.


HAND SMOOTH restoring sugar scrub | 50ml
HAND VELVET restoring creambalm | 80ml
NAIL NECTAR restoring cuticle oil | 9ml



These baubles are perfect for anyone who’d like to take their skincare one step further than Cleansing, Each bauble is filled with treats depending on you skin type. They are also so pretty they make perfect table gifts.

I’ve included information on the Hydration Bauble below but there is also a bauble for Brightening, Nourishing and Balancing. Please get in touch if you would like help choosing the perfect bauble for you or your loved one.
The Balancing Bauble for oily/ blemish prone skin


Whenever I do a skin consultation, I always start with hydration! It’s the solution to sooo many skin concerns!

This bauble is packed full of products that are clinically proven to flood the skin with hydration, prevent transepidermal water loss and support that delegate skin barrier – leaving your skin feeling dewy and plump.

This bauble is a great all rounder for all skin types – but will work especially well for sensitive, dry and rosacea prone skin due to the anti -inflammatory tiger grass, tamanu and evergreen fern extract which alleviate redness.

The Hydration Bauble


SKIN RE-LEAF soothing moisturiser | 20ml our brand new, Award Winning moisturiser for sensitive skin. I use this and it’s incredible. So light weight and healing. It’s amazing for rosacea, dermatitis, acne prone skin, psoriasis. So Good

SUPER GREENS nutrient boost oil | 6ml. A shot of healthy cold pressed nutrients for your face. Great for feeding the skin with health! Apply it last step in your skincare routine to support and protect.

COMFORT FOOD deep hydration mask | 15ml – a gorgeous yoghurty mask, perfect for cold winter evenings when your skin needs a little TLC.

RAINFOREST DEW hydration serum | 6ml – the ultimate hydration skin! This will FLOOD your skin with hydration due to its multi molecular levels of hyaluronic acid. It will also prep your skin well for makeup

If you need any advice which bauble to choose please message me for help.

———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-sustainable Christmas gifts

And there you have it, a beautiful selection of  sustainable Christmas gifts for just about everyone. All of the packaging is 100% recyclable, the tins have been designed so that they can be reused over and over again and Tropic as a company offset all of their Carbon emissions by DOUBLE.

Plus Tropic are donating 1 day of education to @uws for every £80 spent in their Black Friday campaign – Give Back Friday. This doubles to two days if you spend £120.

Choosing Tropic this Christmas really is a more sustainable option, and the fresh natural ingredients they use means the products are much kinder to your skin and the environment too. Please get in touch to see if they have any offers running at the moment so that your Christmas shopping can be kinder to your purse too.

All products are available to order direct from me here: www.tropicskincare.com/emmafaith. Or if you would like support or help choosing drop me a message too @skincarewithemma_x

Much Tropic Love

Emma xx


Editors Note 

Since publishing this article Tropic have funded an incredible ✨50,000 schooldays✨ through our Give Back Friday campaign!

They are completely blown away and so incredibly proud of the life-changing impact we’re making together. We’ve absolutely smashed our original target of funding 20,000 schooldays – and that’s all thanks to you. Thank you for choosing Tropic for your Christmas presents this year and Thank you for bringing hope to hundreds of children.

Thank you for doing good beyond beauty


sustainable Christmas gift

UWS school days donation infographic


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