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New Venture – I’m now a Tropic Skincare Ambassador!!

New Venture – I’m now a Tropic Skincare Ambassador!!


So I have some very exciting news to share this week – well its exciting to me, and I am hoping it is going to be something that it going to become very exciting to you too. As of Friday, I am now a fully fledged Independent Tropic Skincare Ambassador!!

This is exciting to me because I’ve been waiting to do something different for a while.  Over the past few months, I’ve been loosing my way with Instagram a little. Feeling like my content isn’t adding any particular value to the world. What I’ve really wanted to do is create an account which people will find useful, and share facts with them that they can use to help make improvements in their life.

Sensitive Skin:
One of the areas I feel confident sharing information on is sensitive skin. I have suffered with sensitive skin for as long as I cam remember, and it seems to be getting worse the older I get. Until about two years ago, it wasn’t uncommon for me to go months on end with really red, sore and enflamed skin which really effected my personality because it made me snappy because of the pain I was in.

Luckily I had my Instagram account and after one such painful episode I decided to take to stories to ask for help to see if there was anything anyone could recommend. This was back in 2018 and a follower of mine recommended Tropic. I was soooo nervous to try it because up until that moment nothing had worked and I didn’t want to have to tell her it was no good. She sent me a Tropic Skincare Discovery Set to try and within one use my skin felt different. The pain was gone and the irritation was beginning to heel. Fast forward one week and I had fallen so in love with the products that I had bought the full set and written an Independent review about Tropic on this blog. It is here:  Tropic Skincare: An Impartial Review | How I am dealing with sensitive skin,  if you’d like to have a read.


My Tropic Story:
I’ve been using Tropic Skincare now for around two years now and my skin has never felt better. Looking back I think I may have been allergic to the preservatives used in mainline skincare because since I’ve made the switch to Tropic,  my skin has calmed down and I no longer get the irritation. Because Tropic are a natural skincare brand, they don’t use man-made preservatives like parabens or formaldehyde. Everything is made with fresh, natural ingredients, full of nutrition and anti-oxidants and my skin is reaping the rewards. Since using Tropic not only has my sensitivity gone down, but the overall health of my complexion has improved.

A Bit About Tropic Skincare
Tropic are a fully natural, vegan, cruelty-free and now organic skincare brand. Their SPF’s are reef friendly and they believe in using the very best ingredients that Mother Nature has to offer – which are predominantly from the Tropics (hence the name). All the products work in the same way as mainstream skincare, they are just formulated with natural ingredients, and so instead of retinol which can irritate the skin, Tropic use bio-retinol which is much gentler. Instead of using parabens such as methylparaben, ethylparaben to preserve the shelf life of a product, Tropic use natural preservatives like glyerin and benzoic acid. Everything still works in the same way, it’s just that Tropic formulations are much more antioxidant rich and kinder to the environment. And whats even more impressive is that they have the clinical data to prove it. Everything at Tropic is independently clinically tested and then that result is independently verified by a company called Provenance.  It’s all so impressive and they have taken so much care to prove that they aren’t just another company making greenwashing claims.

But NOT ONLY THAT – can it get any better?? Tropic have sustainability at the core of everything they do, and they strive to be a Force for Good within the beauty industry, leading the way for others to follow. That is why they are not only Carbon Neutral – but carbon negative,  DOUBLE offsetting all of the emissions they generate. Their HQ is run soley on green energy, they send zero waste to landfill, and most importantly donate 10% of all of their profits to worthwhile causes such as United World Schools, The Trussel Trust and The Reef Restoration Foundation. For someone with a background in Environmenal Protection, this kind of thing is music to my ears.

Every ingredient is ethically sourced, and each product is formulated, manufactured, distributed and marketed in-house in their beauty kitchen in Surrey, allowing Susie (the founder) to stay involved in every stage of the process . She believes that damaging chemicals like parabens, phallates, alcohol and formaldehydes have no place in personal care products, and strives to offer total transparency when it comes to ingredients.



Taking the Leap to Become a Tropic Skincare Ambassador:

So what has made me decide to become a Tropic Skincare Ambassador? Well I touch on this above, for the past few months I’ve been feeling a little unfulfilled with Instagram and wanted to give my account more purpose. I believe I have a lot of advice to offer on sensitive skin and so I decided to start up a brand new Instagram account to specifically deal with sensitive skin issues. I’ve done this now and its called @skincarewithemma_x . To fund the time I intend to put into the account, I wanted to become an Ambassador for a company which I already know and love and Tropic fit the bill on so many levels. Before I signed up, I had absolutely no idea what being an Ambassador entailed and I had to check with them that I would still be able to recommend other brands, even though I was an ambassador for them, and it was all fine.

And so that’s where I am. Despite being a Tropic customer for two years there is SOOO much I have learned since becoming and Ambassador and I cant wait to share it all with you. My intention is to use my new Instagram account and perhaps even this blog to offer regular skincare tips and advice, particularly for sensitive skin. I’m really excited about this journey and cant wait see what it has in store, but also I cant wait to hear from you…

Have you heard of Tropic before? What do you think of them? If you have never heard of them before what do you think of them? It would be great to hear any comments below 🙂

Thanks for reading. If you’d like to shop with me, my webshop is www.tropicskincare.com/emmafaith


Emma x



I’ve been using Tropic for years and wanted to give myself a new challenge. Join me on my new venture as a Tropic Skincare ambassador

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