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Room Planning : Nursery Ideas for Baby 3

T his may sounds like a strange thing to admit, but one of the things I’m most looking forward to about having this baby (aside from sniffing its head), is having the time and money available to prepare it’s nursery before it is born.  This might sound like such a simple idea, but we’ve never been in a position to be able to do it before and I’ve on watched with awe as other people have been able to prepare for their babies by putting bits in an actual drawer, rather than a box under the bed!

This time we have the space as we’ve decided to turn what was going to be our Master ensuite into a nursery room attached to the Master Bedroom. We also have a bit of time on our hands as Covid meant we didn’t get round to starting the downstairs toilet and so all resources can now be put towards making baby a room!! The thought of having a little room ready that I can just sit and potter in on the run up to birth excites me way too much! But if you have a dream, you have a dream!

So what does this dream look like? We’ll as i’ve been planning this out in my head since Ollie was born, I already have many ideas on board and so for the first time ever I’ve made a mood board! It was pretty simple to do using Pages on my Mac and now that I’ve done one I’m pretty much a convert for planning all rooms in this way from hereon in (typically we only have two to go now, but there might be other projects!

And so here it is, my nursery mood board! Its only a very small room and so there won’t be any room for a wardrobe, but I thought I’d talk you around some of my ideas in case you were interested.

In terms of flooring I’m pretty set on herringbone. We haven’t used it anywhere else in the house but I absolutely love it and so I think we’re going to deck out the whole of the top floor in a light honey herringbone like the one featured. Because the nursery will eventually be converted back to a bathroom, we’ll more than likely go for a laminate in there and then do the larger room in the more durable Karndene.

This time I want to go for all neutrals to create a really calm room. I love Cromarty by Farrow and Ball at the moment, but I also like the thought of a cream room so Slipper Satin is up there in my thoughts too.

Panelling might seem like such an insta cliche at the moment, but I love it! I love the depth and texture it can add to a room and so I’ll definitely be adding that on the wall behind the cot and perhaps the chest of drawers too to add an extra little bit of interest.

Traditionally I’ve always opted for white furniture in the children’s rooms as I liked the scandi vibe it offered, but again this time I want to step away from that with a more cosy, traditional feel and so i’ve been eyeing up some wood effect furniture in Mamas and Papas.

and finally decor wise I’m loving mustards and yellows at the moment so I’ll probably incorporate quite a lot of that. In the past I’ve tried to give Ettie and Ollie’s room a bit of a theme. Ettie’s room was pastels and rainbows and Ollie’s is a travelling circus. This time I think I’m going to go for a slight jungle theme with lots of lions and wild animals so I’ve been on the hunt for those already.

The absolute dream for me would be to have a chair there ready in the corner of the room that I can sit on and imagine my little babe’s arrival! But as Covid seems to have removed all stock from all warehouses throughout the UK, the chair I have my eye on has been out of stock for at least two months already and so I think I might have to let that little bit of the dream slide.

So there you have it, my thoughts on how our third babies room might look. I’ve listed the items featured below:


  1. Herringbone laminate from Flooring Direct
  2. Mini Cot: Mokee
  3. Bamboo Light Shade
  4. Cromarty by Farrow and Ball
  5. Olli Ella Changing Basket
  6. Banks Botanical Lyon
  7. Atlas Furniture set, Mamas and Papas
  8. Berber Rug, Dunelm
  9. Basket from Lorena Canals
  10. Bunny from Scandiborn
  11. Shelf from La Redoute
  12. Mobile from Natural Baby Shower

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