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Ways to extend the lifespan of your tyres


Those who follow me on Instagram will know we had a nerve-wracking start to the day a few weeks ago when the tyre blew on Stu’s van as we were travelling 70mph down the motorway! We were so lucky that the road wasn’t too busy and that Stu managed to keep control of the vehicle and steer us to safety, but it definitely wasn’t a pleasant experience and one we hope never to have to experience again!

Also lucky for us we are with the AA and they were able to get out to us within 20 minutes which I thought was brilliant service. When we asked the man what he thought had caused the blow out, he explained that it was probably a slow puncture that we hadn’t been aware of and that as the tyre warmed up it simply popped!

He also gave us a few ideas on ways to extend the lifespan of your tyres and so I thought I’d share them below:

Ways to extend the lifespan of your tyres…

1. Tyre Pressure Needs to be Checked Regularly

Checking your tyre pressure once a month is a must. Most people don’t realise that tyres tend to deflate every month (even if they are new). If tyre pressure is not maintained then lack of control over the vehicle, increased fuel consumption and increased risk of an accident are few of the consequences.

2. Tyre Rotation Is Necessary

For increased longevity of tyres it can be useful to rotate them swapping the front and back tyres every 8,000 kilometers. This is because tyres don’t suffer the same amount of stress when in contact with the ground therefore they do not wear out equally. Uneven tyre wear can compromise your safety on the road.

3. Wheel Alignment Is an Important

If you feel an unusual vibration or trembling, know that you need to get your wheels properly aligned. These small misalignments may seem harmless but they do adversely affect you tyres’ condition and small misalignments can often pass unnoticed. Getting your tyres properly aligned should be a part of regular car maintenance.

4. Protect Your Tyres From the Sun

Cracks on the sidewalls of the tyre is a condition that is usually associated with natural decay because of ageing, however it can also happen because of increased exposure to heat and sun. Because of this, it’s better to park your car in the shade out of direct sunlight.

5. Budget Tyres

It is never okay to compromise your safety on the road. If you feel like your tyres are ageing and need to be replaced, don’t let budget get in the way. You can buy high quality, affordable tyres from so many garages these days from Brighton to Birmingham.  If you live in Birmingham, you can get good tyres at affordable prices from Plume Tyres Birmingham.

Our tyre after the blowout


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