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Finding the Perfect Summer Outfit Online


W e might be in lockdown right now but summer is swiftly approaching and with limited (zero) opportunities to visit the shops to get our wardrobes summer ready, I thought I’d run though a couple of my favourite places to buy summer outfits online;


floral dress and rattan bag with summer accessories


Boden is one of my favourite online shops full stop. Regular readers will know that I’ve been a Boden ambassador for over a year now and I couldn’t be prouder to work with such a fantastic British brand. I love all of the detail that goes into each of their designs and working with them has definitely made me more adventurous in the outfits I wear. There have been so many times I’ve ordered outfits on a whim just to see what they look like and then fallen in love with them when they arrived. I think the quality of the fabric and patterns they use really make them work for everyone and so Boden is always the first place I look when I am shopping for summer outfits online. If you like Boden then I have a link for 20% off your basket and free postage.

two yellow dresses hanging on side of a built in wardrobe


I call Zara the ‘Mecca for the maxi-dress’ – if ever I’m looking for something with a little pizzaz thats going to make me feel special over the weekend, then Zara is my first stop shop and summer time is my favourite time to shop there. All their dresses have something a little extra about them, whether its the fabric, pattern or cut of the dress and I have Zara dresses in my wardrobe now that I bought a couple of years ago and still feel as special wearing them as the day I bought them brand new. You have to spend £25 to get free delivery via Zara but often dresses are within this price range anyway and so it isn’t an issue.

A yellow dress hanging off the picture rail in a grey bedroom next to two peach prints in wooden frames


While I try to limit the amount of shopping I do via ASOS, because I don’t think they are the most sustainable retailer, there’s no denying that ASOS is a great location to find stylish outfits that aren’t going to break the bank.  This year for example I have already invested in three of their maxi length jersey dresses that were all under £25. I know I’ll probably wear them to death this summer then the’ll end up in the charity bag, but its nice to know I have a couple of new outfits in the bag for when we finally do leave lockdown – and I like how you can shop from a number of high street retailers on there too.

Catalogue Shops

If you’re desperate to get started on your summer wardrobe, but don’t have the money to hand at the moment, you could always consider shopping via pay monthly catalogues whereby you can order an outfit now and they pay for it in monthly instalments later on. Very.co.uk is one of these sites and has a great range of women’s and children’s clothes, perfect for the summer months.

You can see more of the outfits I’ll be wearing this summer on my Shop my Style Page here.


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