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Reasons to buy a second hand car | Ad

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I   was chatting to a friend recently about buying a new car and the conversation quickly turned to the merits of buying a second hand car over a brand new one.  Thinking about it I realised I had never driven a shiny new car off the forecourt whereas my friend (and my Dad!) upgrade their cars to the newest model around every two years either through leasing scheme or through a deal with the garage. As we chatted we realised there are quite a few downsides to becoming a car’s first registered owner and quite a lot of benefits to buying second hand. Read on to find out the main points of our discussion and why it can be so beneficial to access the second hand car market.

Greater Reliability

When you think about used cars from a few decades ago, even those that were only five or six years old tended to show signs of wear and tear or rust. These days, cars are made with such robust materials, that this is much less of an issue. In short, cars of all types are more reliable and fuel-efficient than they ever used to be as they age. Only when a car is ten years or older may you experience a few maintenance issues but these tend to be reflected in the asking price. Even cars that have been kept in coastal locations, like Brighton where sea spray can be an issue are likely to perform well long into their operational lives nowadays.

Lower Cost

When you buy a second-hand car, you’ll pay less for it compared with a comparable model that has just rolled off the production line. In some cases, well-maintained cars which have tens of thousands of miles on the clock will look and feel just like a brand new one inside anyway so you really are spending money unnecessarily if you choose to buy new. With the money you save, you buy extras that all motorists need, such as a second-hand warranty package, roadside assistance or superior cover with your motoring insurance.

Improved Environmental Considerations

We all have to think about our choices as consumers these days and this is especially the case when it comes to personal transportation. When you buy a used car, you are making a sound environmental choice because in effect it means it’s being recycled. The longer cars are used by their owners – even if they are sold on – the better it is in terms of the world’s resources. This is down to the fact that it means fewer brand new cars will need to be produced to meet demand, using less energy & creating less waste. Of course, you can find plenty more electric cars coming onto the used car market today, too, which means there is even more choice for ecologically minded drivers. If you are interested in used electric cars or just used cars in general be it luxury cars or everyday car you must check out KAP Motors. They are the most credible used cars dealers in East Sussex. You can buy thoroughly pre-inspected used cars in Brighton from KAP Motors or call them at 01273 748484 to book a free-test drive online.

The times that we are in, making the smart choice for yourself and the world is important and buying a second hand car can help.



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