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Ad| Storage Ideas for When Your Wardrobe is Full

Let going to take you to a place that no one’s ever been before… the inside of my wardrobe! Full to the brim with lovely clothes but I have to fight with other coat-hangers every morning to try and find something I want to wear! Anyone who loves fashion knows just how quickly wardrobes fill up (especially if you have to share it with your other half!). Figuring out a good, workable storage system can really help you stay on top of the seasons and help your clothes stay in much better condition than if they are rammed into a small space like this (or shoved in a box under the bed!)

We’re starting to plan our master bedroom on the top floor before long and one of the things we’re both craving is some properly organised wardrobe space but its going to be at least 12 months until we’re settled in there and so until then I’ve come up with a few ideas on how we can make the most of the space you have when your wardrobe is full.

A Chaos-free Wardrobe wardrobe is full

A bursting, disorganised wardrobe makes choosing outfits difficult and timeconsuming. One thing I’ve started to do recently is put aside the outfits I’m enjoying wearing most at the moment then I have less of a fight in the mornings when I’m trying to decide what to wear.

I always think its worth having a good sort out of your wardrobe space every once in a while as that will help you see the things you actually have and bin the items you know you’re not going to wear anymore. I tend to do this at the start of every season as it makes room for all the newer things I purchase.

But sorting out your wardrobe isn’t just about grouping your blouses and cosy knits, its also about making use of all the available space.  For example Stu has added a second rail beneath the original one on his half of the wardrobe and its doubled his hanging space! This was especially handy for him as his clothes are mostly separates and it solved the problem of all that wasted space at the bottom of the wardrobe. 

Unfortunately I didn’t have the same problem as I have too many shoe boxes and long dresses to add a second rail, but I have saved space by pushing all the longer items to one side and adding a mini chest of drawers under the shorter items. In here, I’ve stored all my holiday bits like bikinis and flip flops, all my hair accessories and bags and also my tights and socks. This has free’d up a but if space in our larger chest of drawers for make up and styling products.


Seasonal Storage for Even More Space when your wardrobe is full

Having said that, dedicated shoppers often have enough clothes to defeat even the most organised of closets. When youve spent a small fortune on gorgeous items you love, its a shame to rumple them up in the back of a cramped wardrobe. This is especially true as the seasons change and some outfits don’t see the light of day for a good few months. 

During the deep winter I thin out the contents of my wardrobe, shoving my winter jumpers in a box on the top floor and then I swap the contents of the box over for summer dresses in the spring, although I realise not everyone is lucky enough to have a spare room. With a self storage room you can have the best of all worlds. During the summer months, place all your winter items into self storage, then swap them out as the seasons change. 

There is plenty of choice of self storage rooms in Brighton where I live, and elsewhere in the country and they dont mind you installing free-standing hanging rails, shoe racks, or drawer units. This way you can create a walkin wardrobe, keeping all your out of season clothing pristine until you want them back.  

There are a couple of advantages to storing clothes like this when you have a big collection. One is that things dont go missing, you can see at a glance whats in your wardrobe and whats in the storage container so there is less risk of things falling off a hanger into the depths of your wardrobe without you noticing. The second advantage is that clothes feel fresh and new again when you havent seen them for a few months. Plus, you dont have to agonise over whether to part with something, only to want it back the moment its gone. 

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More Ideas to Create Wardrobe Space


  • Use ring pulls off drinks cans to connect two hangers together and fit more along a hanging rail;
  • Use a cheap shoe rack in the base of the wardrobe to store your shoes;
  • Instead of putting a long mirror inside the wardrobe door, fit a narrow rail for scarves, belts, necklaces or ties;
  • Use shelf dividers if you have a shelf inside the top of the wardrobe. Itll help keep stacked, folded items together neatly so they stay in order;
  • Under the shelf, fit a hanging basket or two. Theyre great for popping in hats, gloves, socks or any other small items that are easily mislaid.

wardrobe is full

Keeping your clothes organised and properly stored makes them last longer, helps you find what youre looking for and sparks the imagination when youre putting together a look. When you have all that, I think you naturally get even more pleasure from your wardrobe. 


Looking for even more ways to de-clutter your wardrobe? Petite Capsule is running a 7 Day Capsule Wardrobe Challenge if you wanted to take a look and ‘Dont Cramp My Style’ Blog has ideas on how to Keep a Clutter Free House

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