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How I’m Dealing with Sensitive Skin | Tropic Skincare: A Review

Tropic Skincare Products

It’s taken me a while to get this one up, but I noticed such a massive difference from using the Tropic Skincare products that I wanted to share my experience.

I’ve suffered with sensitive skin for around five years now. I remember getting home from our wedding in France and starting with a couple of dry patches around my eye lids and forehead and then since then it’s got progressively worse to the point that if I tried a product that didn’t agree with me, my whole face broke out into a red, angry rash that was really sore to touch and sometimes swollen. It then took a couple of days to calm back down before going really dry and peeling off in places. Aside from the cosmetic implications of this (no one wants to look like a bright red onion) the breakouts were really painful and used to leave me anxious and short for breath

When the outbreaks first started, I didn’t realise that it might be products that were causing the sensitivity and so for a long time I would try a new product as soon as I experienced an area of sensitivity and this would make things progressively worse. The more new products I tried, the worse the sensitivity became to the point that I just couldn’t try anything new for fear of my face having a reaction.

There’s no real reason why this level of sensitivity randomly occurred. I didn’t change my diet or where I live Ive obviously had two babies and been breastfeeding which can apparently make your skin more sensitive, my breakouts were starting out long before I got pregnant with Ettie and so I don’t think that was a factor. I think it’s just one of those things.

When I spoke about this on Instagram Stories, my friend Cali replied and suggested that I try Tropic Skincare. This is a brand I’d never heard of before and I was a little dubious because it seemed a little like Avon (no offence to Avon products but they do contain perfumes which irritate my skin). Anyway after a few messages back and forth she assured me it wasn’t and send me a little Skincare Discovery Kit to trial which contained a cleanser, toner, moisturiser and little sample of the super greens oil.

Tropic Skincare Products
Full Sized Items (plus small Super Greens Oil)

That was a couple of months ago now and I can’t tell you the improvement I have experienced in my skin. I don’t experience any of the breakouts that I used to experience and i’ve got no areas of sensitivity around my eyelids. My skin feels lovely, natural and glowing and I’ve none of that pain that used to make me short tempered and angry to live with.

I even tried cutting out the products for a week to see if it really was them making a difference, but over time the sensitivity did gradually come back and so I started up again with the full cleanse, tone, moisturise, oil routine. [Editors note here: about 8 months after starting out with Tropic I don’t use it as religiously and the sensitivity has stayed away, but the products are still a key part of my beauty regime].

As soon as I realised the sample sizes in the Skincare Discovery Pack were coming to an end, I ordered the full ABC kit which contains the same products, plus a night cream and facemask. I ordered the yellow Brightening and Tightening one to begin with and have since followed it up with the Deep Hydration Soothing mask which I prefer for my skin.

Tropic Skincare Products

About the Tropic Skincare Products

Aside from them being an amazing range for sensitive skin, they also smell b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l and are a dream to apply. It really does feel like a real spa experience cleansing, toning and moisturising in the morning and evening. I think the reason they work on my skin is because they contain no nasties and are made from fully natural ingredients. They are also made daily in a UK lab meaning they don’t sit on a shelf for a long time breaking down like some of the more mainstream products would.

To be completely clear I get nothing from this post and there are no affiliate links contained within it. I just really love the brand and the difference it has made to my skin.

For other natural skincare products you may want to check out Ermana Natural Skincare.  Feel free to pop me any questions in the comments box below.




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