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Letters to Ollie {14 months old}

Letters to Ollie {14 months old}

Dear our little Ollie Bub! You’re now 14 months old and what a delicious bundle of loveliness you are. So playful and happy you are really coming into your own personality now and can definitely make yourself understood even thought you don’t quite yet have the words.

One of your favourite things at the moment is books. You absolutely love them, especially the ones that have little flaps for you to lift up. We’ll be playing in Ettie’s room and you’ll wander off to your room and bring one back for me to read you. You can’t really say many words yet but you make a ‘uhhh’ sound and place it on my lap so I know exactly what you mean. You get so excited when you find the little people behind the doors too and give me a great big happy smile. It’s lovely.

You’re slowly learning to say words and have one in particular off to a fine art … there is such joy in the way you shout ‘HIYA’ accompanied by a little wave, it never fails to make me smile. Every time you enter a new room full of people you shout HIYA at the top of your voice with a big happy grin, so pleased with yourself. It’s so funny I’m giggling now to myself as I write this. We went up to Cumbria on the train last weekend and all you wanted to do was walk up and down the carriages saying HIYA to all the people on it. It was full of tired commuters, grumpy after a long day in London but I think your cheeky little face must have brightened up their journey. 🙂

You’ve just started to say ‘No’ too and shake your head when you don’t want to do something – except I don’t think its really because you don’t want to do it, more just because you think it’s funny. Like Ollie do you want to get out of the bath, and you pause, look at is then a huge big cheeky grin sweeps over your face before you start shaking your head from side to side. such a cheeky little happy chappy. You also have two little curls growing around your face, and you look so handsome. I really don’t want to cut them off.

Just like your Big sister your favourite game is hide and seek and sometimes as we’re walking into a room you’ll grab onto the door frame so you can hide before you make an appearance. You can hide behind your little hands now too and we say ‘where’s Ollie?’ and you cover your little face. I could eat you up you’re so delicious.

Ollie at 14 months old

Two months in at nursery and I think it’s going well. Daddy picks you up and drops you off so I don’t get to see you which is sad for me but I dropped you off this morning and you really cried so perhaps thats for the best. I have a day off so Im hoping I can come and pick you up then.

Favourite toys at the moment are your Diggers and Tractors!! We left them at home when we went up to Cumbria and as soon as we got back to Brighton you ran straight over to basket where they are kept and said ‘oooooh’ like you’d really missed them. You also want to show them off to anyone who comes to the house to visit.

Another thing you like to show off is your Belly button… I don’t know where you’ve got it from, but whenever you meet people you like to lift up your jumper and point to your tummy. You honestly are hilarious! You love pointing to Ettie’s too and lift up her jumper. She’s so good with you and will lift up her top to show you if you are a little grumpy. Its a bit odd and I’m sure you’ll understand that when you’re older, but for now I simply love how the two of you love each other and play together. Listening to you both making each other laugh is honestly the best sound in the world.

Other words you say are ‘Wow’ when something is exciting ( and you stick your little lips out to make a big oooh 🙂  Dadda, Mamma and Gan (which means either Gran Gran or Granda). I have a picture of us with Gran Gran on my keyring and when you see it you get very excited shouting Gan Gan Gan and pointing with your little finger.

You bring us so much happiness little Ollie Boo. You rarely sit still for long enough to show us affection (too busy exploring the world for all that) but when you do you give the best cuddles. The other day when I was in the back of Granda’s car with you, you held your little hand out to hold my hand and it made me feel so warm and fuzzy. Just to know that you wanted me there.

We love you soo much our beautiful smiley happy baby boy. Cant wait to see how you develop over the next few months because this is my favourite age of yours so far xx

Ollie at 14 months old


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