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Treat your feet. Reasons to invest a little more in footwear |AD

Treat your feet. Reasons to invest a little more in footwear |AD

It’s no secret that shoes are my weakness. I would prefer to wear a simple outfit and a statement shoe any day of the week. My recent stint working with Boden has shown me this as I’ve found myself spending most of my monthly allowance on footwear and now seem to have half of their back catalogue of shoes in my wardrobe! But is investing in a pair of designer shoes worth the money? Surely a shoes is a shoe and in this ever changing world of fast fashion, aren’t more pairs better than one expensive pair?

Well, I will leave you to make your own mind up on that, but for me the answer is no. I get great satisfaction out of completing my outfit with a shoe that has been well made and well thought out. I do still have cheaper alternatives in my wardrobe and I think its good to have a mix, but if you are looking for something a little bit ‘extra’ then I’ve put together a few points to consider before investing in designer footwear.


First off, consider your budget. It’d ok thinking you really wan’t a pair of Chloe buckle boots, but realistically can you afford them or is there another designer brand that has a similar, more affordable option? Designer shoes come with a wide range of different price tags, but you can expect to pay upwards of £100 for a good pair. If you want a bargain, it’s worth being a little bit more flexible about what you buy so that you can take advantage of discounts, end of line sales, and outlet stores. You’ll often find the best prices online; check out the range of designer

shoes for women at SSENSE, including Balenciaga sneakers and much more.


If you think the time is right to invest in some designer shoes, then it’s often worth thinking about what you actually want them for. If it’s for a special occasion and you intend to only wear them once, then are designer shoes the best option? Maybe you could look into investing in a second hand pair? If on the other hand you want something that’s going to be a staple in your wardrobe for years to come, then a designer shoe is probably the right choice, but it may be worth foregoing the latest trends and opting for something classic like the black Louboutin Court or Chanel Ballet pump. These styles have been around for years and so you know they will remain in ‘vogue’ season after season. Consider the style and colour carefully. Again a bolder colour might look nice, but will it go with as many outfits? If you only intend to buy one pair of shoes, subtle and more neutral shades are the best.


If you can, go to a designer store and try on the shoes you intend to buy before investing in them, (even if you intend to purchase them online later to take advantage of lower prices). All feet are different shapes and sizes and the last thing you want is for them to be to be uncomfortable. So do your research and try before you buy.


Lastly, you should ask yourself if the shoes are made well. Bear in mind that just because they are expensive, doesn’t always mean they’re well-made. Take a close look at the shoe, stitching, the sole and the materials to check the quality. The Boden shoes I have come with a 365 day guarantee meaning that if the quality were to let me down, I would get a full refund no questions asked. Do your designer shoes have a similar offer?

A pair of designer shoes is always a big investment, whatever style you are going for, but it can definitely be worth it for shoes that are going to last for a long time.

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