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Accessories for Spring | The Mum Friendly Edit

spring accessories

Accessories are one of the easiest ways to update your look for less. A few on-trend items can totally transform your outfit, breathing new life into clothes that are years old, especially at this time of year when its cool enough ditch the winter coat so people can actually see what you’re wearing. Unfortunately accessorising as a Mum with young children isn’t always practical as you’re likely to loose an ear if your earrings are too big. In this guide, I’ve pulled together a few mum friendly spring accessories that are also practical when you have a baby hanging off your hip.

Spring Accessories – The Mum Friendly Edit


Headbands and Head-Scarfs

The humble headband is having a renaissance right now, and it’s a quick, easy way to add a note of interest to your outfit. It’s also ideal if you haven’t had time to wash your hair, and you need something to cover it up with. Classic, ballerina-style headbands are popular, as are over-sized ones (take your inspiration from Anne Boleyn!). There are loads out there at the moment. I particularly like these from H&M.

headscarf from H&M | Mum friendly accessories for Spring | The Halcyon Years

Oversized Bags 

No, we’re not talking about the ones under your eyes. The catwalks were full of oversized bags this season, which is doubly good news if you’re still carrying round lots of child paraphernalia, like nappies, wipes and snacks. Any material works, as long as it’s slouchy and casual. My favourites at the moment are these oversized Jute bags. The one below is from H&M again, but they are loads of options all over the high street.

oversized jute bag | Mum Friendly accessories for Spring | The Halcyon Years

Oversized Jute Beach Bag

Bamboo Bags

This is a trend I am fully onboard with and Bamboo bags are everywhere at the moment which is great! It’s the ultimate statement accessory and not only do they look fabulous with any outfit, they are completely Instagram worthy which brings a whole new meaning to the term multi-functional bag. Cult Gaia produced the original Bamboo bag a few years ago and it has been a staple on Pinterest ever since, however if the £135 price tag doesnt float your boat then you’ll be glad to know there are plenty of dupes out there on places like Amazon and Ebay, with Primark even bringing out its own bamboo bag for summer 2019.

Bamboo bag against pink dress

White Trainers

White trainers inject a good dose of retro-cool into any outfit and they look especially great with maxi skirts or cropped jeans. Even better, they’re comfortable to wear and ideal for running after children.  I am living in these ones from Boden at the moment. I love the classic white shape and hint of animal print which goes with so many outfits. But there are so many other options out there from rainbows, contrasting colours and polka dots. I think the key is to be adventurous and have a bit of fun with your feet.

Big Sunglasses

Officially called ‘sun shields’ in the fashion world, these sunglasses should cover a large portion of your face. They’re chic, stylish and best of all, if you’ve had a bad night’s sleep, they’re the ultimate accessory for hiding behind. I think it’s important to have a bit of fun with your glasses as they can really make a statement. High Street stores like New Look and Top Shop have great frames ‘for the season’. But I also think it’s worth investing in a decent pair of sunglasses that really suit your face shape as I cant see this trend dying out soon. The frames below are from Boden and come in a variety of colours.

Big Sunglasses from Boden | Mum Friendly accessories for Spring | The Halcyon Years

Bum Bags (or The Waist Bag)

Yes, bum-bags have officially made a come-back, but now, they’re referred to as waist-bags which makes them sounds immediately far more appealing. These convenient little pouches are perfect for storing keys, small purses, hair bobbles and lipsticks and look great when teamed up with a midi-skirt or shirt-dress.

Tassels and Ruffels

Ok so this one probably isn’t practical as a day time look, but if you do manage to get a rare night off, or invitation to a summer wedding, then tassels are big this season. With loads of options available on the high street you don’t have to go overboard; but a small pop of colour can work wonders. If you’re going out and want some serious glamour, a spritz of Baccarat Rouge 540, some high heeled boots and some bright statement tassels will make real impact.

Big Rings

Rings are another easy way to add interest to your outfit and if you’re keeping to spring fashion, you’ll need to go oversized and bold. Think silver rings with large gemstones. It’s all about grabbing attention and making a statement. There’s nothing shy or retiring about this accessory!


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