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Letters to Ollie {8 months old}

Letters to Ollie {8 months old}

To our little scrummy monkey now you’re 8 months old,

You’re such a scrummy, snuggly, lovely baby boy. This month I’ve fallen in love with you like you wouldn’t believe. I mean I’ve obviously always loved you so that’s a silly thing to say, but this month, boy oh boy you have stolen my heart. It’s true what they say, there’s something about Mother’s and Sons that is really hard to explain. When you were first born everyone seemed extra excited that you were a boy and I couldn’t understand why. I even got a bit defensive about Ettie because she’s amazing and I didn’t like people acting like a boy was better. But as the months go by, I’m slowly beginning to understand why they reacted like they did. It’s not that boys are better – you’re both as amazing as each other. But there is something different about having a son and it’s very hard to explain. It’s a warm, snuggly, lovely feeling and it’s very very special.  I feel so lucky to be your Mummy and Ettie’s too!

This month has been really busy. We had you Christened and it was a lovely day. The house was chaotic in the morning with everyone getting ready so you missed your nap and were a bit grizzly in the church to start, but I managed to rock you to sleep doing some funny squats in the church and you woke up just in time to get the water on your head. You were really good when that happened! Father Alex put quite a lot of water on your head which I think took you by surprise, but you soon got over it and laughed it off. It’s a good job you’re such a water baby.

You looked SOOOO dapper in your little suit. It had little braces and a bow tie and I could just eat you up seeing how adorable you looked. Ettie had a beautiful flowery dress too and I kept catching little glimpses of you both throughout the day thinking how unbelievably lucky Daddy and I are to have created such amazing little people.

Ollie at 8 months old

This week has been a big week for you because you’ve finally started to crawl Yey!!. It’s taken about three weeks for you to master it, but you’re now well on your way and there is no stopping you go! – although we can tell you would much prefer to be walking. I think you find it frustrating being smaller that everyone because you get so happy when we hold you up by your arms to make you tall. You even do this funny crawl on your feet like a crab – like you’re really trying to walk, but can’t quite get up right. I’m sure it wont take you long! When you manage to pull yourself up on something to stand – you let out a little excited squeal and bob up and down on your legs. You look so proud of yourself. Daddy has had to lower the cot because we were scared you might topple over the top.

You’re also really adventurous! The sun came out this month so we’ve been playing in the garden. I popped you in Ettie’s little trike to see if you’d like it …. and you LOVED IT!! Like really loved it! Kicking your legs and rocking back and forth to go faster! It was so funny, you’re still so small and definitely don’t seem old enough to go tearing round the garden on a trike! You love her little swing too! I can tell I’m going to have my hands full when you get a little older (and there was me thinking you were going to be calmer than your sister!). We have this little game at the moment where I count to three and then tickle you! You’re so clever that you know the tickle is coming and so as soon as I’ve finished saying ‘two’, you kick out your legs and start to giggle ready for the next tickle. You’ve got such a perfect little laugh.

There are lots of photos from this month because it really has been a joy. For the first time since you were born I’ve felt like my old self and that I was able to give you both the attention you need. We still haven’t managed to break the habit of you wanting to come and sleep in our bed once you wake up, but it was the same with your sister. So whilst it is a bit squished having four in a bed, we do love the cuddles and there is no better way to wake up in the morning than hearing either you or Ettie notice each other and having a giggle before we open our eyes. Every morning you both wake up and are so genuinely excited to see each other, these are such special moments to be able to witness and I know we’ll miss them so much when you’re older.

You are an absolute joy to know our little Ollie Hugo Stanley Faith!! Those cheeks, those two little front teeth, the way your face lights up when you smile, the way you wave your legs in the air when you want a tickle, the way you snuggle into my chest when you want a cuddle and oh those eyelashes. You warm my heart in spaces I didn’t even know were there and we all love you so so much! xx

Ollie at 8 months old


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