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Taf Toys Laptop Activity Centre | Review (AD)

Taf Toys Laptoy Activity Centre review | The Halcyon Years (baby boy playing in a white cot with a grey flat toy attached to the side)

R egular readers will know I have been working with Taf Toys for a couple of months now, trialing out a few of the toys in their Easier Parenting range. So far we have tried the Newborn Cosy Gym, The Penguin Play and Kick Car Toy and The Prince the Penguin Soother and have been really impressed with everything we’ve tried so far.

The whole of the Taf Toys range uses a lovely pastel colour palette of grey, turquoise and yellow which is really inoffensive to the eye. But better than that, you can tell that real thought has gone into each and every piece. For example the Newborn Cosy Gym doubles up as a play mat and baby sleep cocoon, the Kick and Play Car Toy has a remote control meaning it can be activated from the front seat and the Prince the Penguin soother is noise activated meaning it comes on automatically as your baby stirs through the night. All of these things are extra little touches that have made raising Ollie from a newborn that little bit easier.

In this post I will be reviewing the Taf Toys Laptoy Activity Centre and it is the last of the items I will be reviewing from the Taf Toys range.

The Taf Toys Laptoy Activity Centre

The Taf Toys Laptoy Activity Centre is a laptoy designed to be used on the floor or hung from the side of the cot.  Whilst it could be used while your baby is lying down, I wanted to wait until Ollie was sitting up unaided to write the review as I thought that is when he would get the most out of it, and I was right.

The Taf Toys Laptoy Activity Centre is a lovely activity centre with 12 different activities to keep your baby stimulated. Like with all the toys we have tried so far, the activities are colourful, easy to grab and stimulate the senses using various textures, music and lights and music. It’s flat and easily transportable so perfect to take away on holiday or even a little road trip in the car.

The Laptoy Activity Centre comes with two clip attachments which mean it can be fixed to the site of any cot. This has been brilliant as it means Ollie has something to entertain him as soon as he wakes up, and we often hear him banging the laptoy off the side of the cot in the mornings. The clips are really easy to use and come with two height options.

All of the activities on the Laptoy have been designed to develop fine motor skills and each one requires a different motions such as pushing, pulling, rotating and touching. This not only not only strengthens hand and finger muscles but also builds hand-eye coordination – perfect training for any budding young cricketer (for non-regular readers my husband still gets away with playing cricket every Saturday!).

Ollie has had great fun playing with this toy. He especially likes the ring rattle on the side and the clear ratting ball.  He has a much better attention span than Ettie and likes playing with a toy for a long time to see exactly how things work. The various activities on the Laptoy Activity Centre are enough to keep him occupied long enough for me to have a general tidy round of his room (which is great for me).

He hasn’t quite got the hand of the ratcheting penguin in the middle, but I am guessing that will come with time and that is another great feature of this toy, in that is has something to keep them entertained through a few stages of development.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Taf Toys Laptoy Activity Centre is a fun little toy to keep your little one entertained and help stimulate their senses. The activities have been designed to develop fine motor skills and there are enough of them to keep little inquisitive minds entertained for a short while. The fact that the toy is so easily transportable and can attach to any crib is also a great plus point.

I hope you’ve found this review useful. If you have any comments or questions please pop them in the comments below. Thanks for reading x

I was kindly gifted the Laptoy Activity Centre in exchange for an honest review. You can check out my other reviews of items in the Taf Toys range here:

Taf Toys Laptoy Activity Centre review | The Halcyon Years (baby boy playing in a white cot with a grey flat toy attached to the side)


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