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Letters to Ollie { 7 months }

Ollie 7 month update

To our scrummy little man – that’s what we call you now because you really are too delicious. You’re 7 months old and just so snuggly and warm. I love rubbing my nose into the nape of your little neck to give you a kiss and it makes you giggle.

You are getting to be such a big boy. Looking back at pictures it’s like you’ve doubled in size since last month. Last week I found you sitting up in the kitchen so you must have pushed and managed to do it all by yourself! You’re almost crawling too but not quite there yet. I’ve made a little video of your attempts so I really hope I find the time to merge them all together. You might not be able to actually crawl at the moment, but you can definitely get from A to B if you need something. You also LOVE splashing in the bath! Seriously I get soaked! When I lay you down in the water you kick both legs out at the same time and find it so funny! It’s hilarious! I love how much of a littler water baby you are. So different from your sister. 7 months old

I’m not surprised that you’re so strong because you are eating soo much! You have porridge for breakfast – sometimes two bowls! Then snacks and a meal and pudding at lunch and dinner. It’s hard to think you were only having milk just a few weeks ago. You obviously need all the energy for crawling around!

This month you’ve started waving and playing with your sister and it’s so lovely to watch. It’s been quite tough having the two of you quite close together because you’re both at different stages and need my attention in different ways. But over the past month I’ve witnessed the two of you slowly building a friendship (as apposed to Ettie thinking you’re just an annoying baby who Mummy has to cuddle too) and it’s so special to watch 😍 You follow her around the room and laugh when she says boo and I often catch you watching her with such admiration in your eyes. I really hope you end up being buddies so that you’ll always have one another to turn to.

We went on the train up to Cumbria this month, just me, you and Ettie (but Nanny and Grandad came to help us to London) I was so nervous you would cry all the way because I was on my own, but you were brilliant, sleeping most of the way and playing on my lap with Ettie when you did wake up. It was so nice being back at home and having a bit of chill time, although I think you’ve now realised its cosy in Mummy’s bed and so aren’t that keen on sleeping on your own anymore! oops!

Your favourite toy at the moment is Ettie’s purple wand (sorry little brothers problems) 😉 I don’t know why you love it so much, but you always make a bee line for it and like to sit and chew it. Ettie isn’t overly keen on sharing so you often have it whipped away without me realising which makes you cry, but she does replace it with her little silver wand which you enjoy waving around too, so it’s not all bad.

You’ve started using your voice to chat a bit this month and say Dada, although not really to his face so I’m not counting it as your first word because I don’t think you know what it means. You are such a smiley, happy, lovely boy, still with that little twinkle in your eye. I love you so much my little Ollie man xxx




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