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Letters to Ollie {6 months}

Letters to Ollie {6 months}

H ello gorgeous baby boy

There have been so many big changes for you this month. You slept in your own room for the very first time, have tried real food and have two little teeth growing on the bottom of your mouth. It’s been quite an unsettled month because you’ve had a bad cough too, but I think we are coming out of the worst of it now and hopefully you’ll be back to your usual happy self in no time.

It was shortly after Christmas when we tried you in your own room for the first time. Ettie was 9 months old when we moved her from the little Snuzpod to her own cot and so we thought we had loads of time, but before we went to Cumbria I noticed that you were getting a bit long for your Sleepyhead. I undone the fastening but you were still frustrated that it was stopping you being able to roll over so we removed it all together and thats when I noticed you were actually a bit long for the Snuzpod itself. You were a little over 5 moths and so we tried you in the cot for the first part of the night and then moved you in with us at bed time. So far things seem to be going ok. I feed you just before sleep time and then pop you down with the white noise playing from your little penguin. You seem to take comfort in the fact its bedtime and tend to roll over and fall asleep! It’s such a big shock to us because we never had that with Ettie. You’ll sleep through until around 11.00 and i’ll give you another feed then at 4ish you come in with us, but because you can roll now – that generally means in our bed and I tend to get woken up by a pat on the head or pulling of my hair where you’ve rolled in next to me!

I’m trying to get you into a better routine than with Ettie and so sometimes if I’m not too tired I’ll feed you at 4am and put you back in your own bed. If you manage to stay there until morning, we sometimes hear you banging the little penguin off the side of your cot once your awake. Its so funny how you can be so content in the morning and yet so unsettled through the night. I think you must just be like your Daddy and need your sleep!

When your little teeth were starting to come through, you were really unsettled and wouldn’t stay asleep longer than a couple of hours which was tough. Your little cry is so high pitched when you’re tired and you curl up into a little ball when you’re in pain. Its quite painful trying to comfort you because your tiny hands pinch anything they come into contact with… and you have a really strong grip! I have so many little bruises on the back of my arms where you’ve pinched me and on my head where you’ve pulled my hair out! Little tinker!  You’re generally such a happy little boy, it’s not nice to see you so uncomfortable.

When your teeth were coming through, Ettie was ill at the same time and you both wanted cuddles.It was so hard seeing you both in pain and not being able to fully comfort either of you. I’d try to scoop you both up in my arms for a double cuddle, which would work for a little while, but really you both just wanted me for yourself and it was a very hard couple of weeks.

It hasn’t all been hard work though, over the last month you’ve started to giggle. Like real belly chuckles giggles and its the sweetest sound. One time Ettie was jumping in the air on front of you and you were in stitches. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me seeing your relationship develop. You watch every move she makes (I think you think she’s crazy) and she loves to make you laugh. I hope you’ll both always be there for each other.  You also like us throwing you into the sky and rattling your chest like a doggy, the little sparkle in your eye gets bigger and bigger when you laugh.

Here you are resting up against your little sports car in your room… I think you look so funny in your new little racing jacket 😉

Highlights from this month;

  • You are just beginning to learn how to sit up. I can rest you on your bottom for a couple of seconds and you will stay up right but topple over eventually. I know it won’t be long though until you can sit there unaided.
  • You can roll – everywhere! If you want something, you’re not going to let a little matter like the fact that you cant yet crawl get in your way – you simply roll to where you need to be and grab whatever has caught your eye;
  • You LOVE food! I think we knew this was always going to be the case as you were so big. But you didn’t really have a ‘weaning’ stage as such, just more into full on meals!! I remember Ettie taking ages to build up enough appetite to have a full pouch, but within days you were having a pouch, pudding and some wafers every meal time… and there isn’t really anything you don’t like! I started you with pureed fruit at first, like pear, apple and sweet potato but you were eating so much we moved onto pouches almost straight away. So far the only one you haven’t been keen on is a spaghetti Bolognese.
  • You also Love banging things, generally your arms down on your high chair top to ask for more food, but you also love banging the spoon and if you like someone, your way of telling them is to give them a playful little bash in the face or try to pinch their nose, such a little ruffien 😉
  • You’re a water baby. We get soaked bathing you because you like to bang your little legs in the water and make a splash. Again such a contrast to Ettie who has always hated getting her hair wet. We took you both swimming and you were throwing yourself around all over the place having the time of your life while Ettie made us carry her cautiously. It was so funny;
  • You’ve decided you do like cuddles. After wriggling away from them for the last few months, you now wrap both your little arms around me and snuggle right in, looking up at me with your big blue eyes. It gives me such a warm and lovely feeling knowing i’m your mummy and I just know you are going to have me wrapped around your little finger.
  • You’re still always watching, taking everything in with those big blue eyes and as soon as someone makes eye contact, you reward them with the biggest smile and little jerk of your arms. You really are such a jolly, happy, warm and snuggly baby – we just need to work on the hair pulling.

I love you so much our little Ollie Hugo, forever and always your Mum xxxxx


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