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Ettie’s first dance lesson

Ettie’s first dance lesson

Eeek it was your very first dance lesson today. Such a big girl. We’ve had the taster before but then the class was booked up so we had to wait until now when you’re two and a half years old. You were soooooo excited! We both were, we even arrived early which is very unusual for us.

It’s so funny how you say ‘daaaaaaance’ in your little southern accent. You sound so posh. As I was getting ready this morning you kept saying ‘hurry up Mummy I want to go daaancing’ so cute.

You chose your dress and pink sparkly shoes to wear and then picked out the slides you wanted in your hair. Daddy said you looked so pretty when you came down the stairs and I think it made your day.

Off to your first ever dance lesson

We arrived at the lesson which was in HPP and you said hello to the teacher and chose a spot to stand on (the blue one). The lesson started and you were a little bit nervous but I stood next to you like all the other mummies and joined in with the jumping for the warm up. Soon you were confident enough to go it alone and so I eased back. You danced with pom poms, a scarf and some ribbons – watching the teacher so intently every step of the way and following her every move. I see so much of myself in you it makes me chuckle. Like at the end of the song you were always first to the front awaiting your next instruction or returning your apparatus. I love how you really want to do your best. You’re such a lovely girl and make me so proud.

At the end of each song you’d come running over to me beaming a huge smile and would need just a little big and a squidgy before you skipped off back to the circle ready for the next dance. It made me feel lovely being your Mum and I was so happy I could be there for you.

When then class finished you walked over to the teacher to say Bye. Honestly you do the sweetest things right our of the blue and I’m so proud of you, it blows my socks off. On the way home in the car you sighed and said ‘uhh (sigh) all that dancing has made me tired’. You are so funny my little perfect dancing angel. I can never put into words the happiness you bring Ito my life

Mummy xxx



Update: 3rd Oct 2019 I We went to this class for a few weeks but then changed to ballet because you kept asking if you could wear a tutu! You absolutely LOVE ballet although you aren’t as confident there as you were in this lesson. But perhaps that’s because you’re now a little older and more aware of the other girls. You simply love making friends and putting on the tutu and were so happy recently when I bought you some ballet slippers and ballet cardigan. 


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