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Christmas Gift ideas for little girls on the Nice List

Christmas Gift Ideas for a Toddler Girl | The Halcyon Years

This is going to be the first year that Ettie really understands Christmas. We were part way there last year in that she knew something exciting was happening, but I think she was more excited about the fact that chocolate seemed to form one of her five a day for a few weeks, rather than understand about the presents! This year is different, we’ve already taken her to see the big guy in red and an Elf has been to leave a letter under her pillow (telling her to be good, which blew her mind!!). Everyday I tell another flamboyant story about who Father Christmas is and what he can do, and I wonder if I’ve pushed it too far as I see the little cogs in her brain turning. But she doesn’t waver, soaking everything in that I tell her.  It gives me little flutters in my tummy being able to fuel her imagination, I just know Christmas Day is going to be magical seeing her little face light up when the penny actually drops that he’s been!

This year I’ve made a big deal about writing a Christmas List because I think it all adds to the excitement. I remember my brother and I circling everything in the Grattan catalogue on the run up to Christmas, thinking that if we circled it, then it was officially on our list and it would make it to Santa’s sleigh. We haven’t got the Grattan Catalogue these days – but we do have Ad breaks between Shimmer and Shine and the Play Doh videos we have to watch endlessly on repeat on You Tube .. so here are a selection of Christmas gift ideas for cheeky girlie princesses as chosen by Ettie Willow…. (and I few by me for balance)

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Toddler Girls



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