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Letters to Ettie 2 years, 5 months (29 months)

Letters to Ettie 2 years, 5 months (29 months)

M y beautiful Ettie at 29 months old

It’s been an exciting month this month as you have met two new baby cousins and been up to Cumbria to visit your northern friends at a Halloween party which you loved! You had your first ever sleep over at Tilda’s house and it was so cute watching you both sitting together getting a bed time story. T & B are a little bit older than you and you thought they were great because they were bigger. T gave you some converse trainers that were too small for her and you were very happy with them.

You’ve really started to use your imagination to play this month and are forever making camps with the cushions off the sofa in the living room and pretending to be the train driver at the bottom of the stairs saying ‘You sit there’. We all have to hop on board with our babies and wait for you to tell us our next destination. Playing ‘prams’ has also escalated into playing shops and teachers with ‘the children’… you love to pretend to be the teacher and are so animated with it.  You also love bouncing on the sofa and bed, your sparkly shoes, dancing and putting on a show, playing hide and seek, drawing and pretending to go in the lift with your pram which is a game we played one day just after Ollie was born but you must have loved it because we play it all the time now. We play hide and seek approximately 4,323,423 times a day too, which usually means you hiding and coming to find me at the same time although this month you’ve started to say ‘lets hide’ so perhaps you are very slowly beginning to understand the rules.

You’re forming proper sentences now too and telling us all what to do. I love the little conversations we have, like you telling me what you want for Christmas and where you want to go today. You give it such serious consideration, crunching up your face and pointing your finger in the air while you think. Some of the things you come out with are so funny, like after we went to dance class you were in the car on the way home and said with a big sigh ‘that really wore me out’. 

Ettie at 29 months old

Top of your Christmas list is an ice cream cart called ‘Learn and Scoop’ that you seen on an advert on the TV. It’s big, pink and plastic so I keep tempting you with other wooden options, but you know exactly what you want and wont be dissuaded. We keep trying to tell you that you need to be good or Santa won’t come and bring you presents, but I’m not sure it’s really working because I don’t think you can really remember who he is. You know you went to see him last year at the garden centre and that he delivers presents, but I don’t think the magic will really sink in until after he has been this Christmas and I can’t wait to see your face. Other things on your list include ‘your own make up’ and ‘nail varnish’  (you love getting your nails painted), ‘purple knee pads’, and ‘doggy (I think paw patrol) trainers’ (even though you hate dogs). at 29 months old

You’re starting to be very protective over your brother and are always jumping on him, cuddling him or shouting in his face wanting him to play which is lovely. We tend to all end up in bed together at the moment with each of you waking up and coming through at various times through the night. The first thing you always ask when you open your eyes is ‘where’s Ollie?’ and then tell me when he’s hungry or needs milk.  When you talk to him you put on a little baby voice and say “hello little baby, it’s, its’ only Mummy’. I just love watching the two of you together.  We have this game at bath time where I get you both out of the bath at the same time, but wrap you in two separate towels and call you my little sausages. We sing ‘two little sausages sizzling in a pan’ and when it’s time to go pop and bang I jiggle you both together and it makes you both giggle. It’s the best sound hearing you laugh at the same thing and I think you love it too because you always ask to be little sausages. You still have a bottle at quiet time and like snuggling up on the sofa and holding my face but sometimes you hold Ollie’s too which is just lovely. Those moments melt my heart melt and make me feel a lot less guilty about not being able to give you a much attention as I could before Ollie was born.

baby brother and two year old sister sleeping next to each other | letters to Ettie 2 years 5 months

I love watching your confidence grow. You are getting to an age now where you are starting to do things by yourself and it amazes me how my little baby girl is big enough to be so brave. We went to a birthday party this month where you didn’t really know anyone and I could tell you felt a bit shy. You’re still only 2 and a half but all the other children were all already three and so I was scared you’d be a bit young for them. Midway through the party they played ‘Whats for dinner Mr Wolf’ and you were asked to be the wolf. You’d never played it before and so didn’t really know what to do and I could feel the nerves in your little belly build up as you stood in front of a room full of three year olds with them all waiting for your instructions  I was feeding Ollie at the time and so you had to stand there all on you own, but instead of shying away when they all shouted ‘What Time is it Mr Wolf?, you stood strong and shouted back in a little voice ‘its 4 0 Clock!! ‘ 🐺 Such a heartbreaker I was so proud 💔 You said the same time three times and someone had to remind you to  say ‘Dinner Time’ before they all got too close and trampled your but I was soooooo proud!! ❤️ Arrietty Willow Faith you are my little superstar ⭐at 29 months old

At bed time you still like me getting into your bed and giving you a cuddle to help you go to sleep and it’s still my favourite part of the day. Especially now because we get to have a little chat and I find out what you liked about the day the most and what you hope to do the day after.  Your favourite book at the moment is Coco Chanel. We read it every night and you like to point out the nuns, the children’s names and the dog like Amy’s. If you’ve had a particularly hectic day and are tired, you start running round the house saying ‘there’s a monster coming’ and laughing. I know then that you are a bit manic and we need to hurry up bath and bed!

I love you so much my beautiful, caring, funny, gorgeous girl. You really are Mummy’s best friend and I hope you will always be forever xxx

Ettie at 29 months old


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