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Letters to Ollie {15 weeks old}

3 month old baby boy in bed smiling with dinosaur | The Halcyon Years

D ear Ollie Hugo, my beautiful baby boy

You’re almost four months old now and your little personality is really starting to shine through. You’re such a smiley, happy baby and ever so handsome. I fall deeper and deeper in love with you every single day.

I’ve said from the day that you were born than you were calmer and more chilled out than your big sister and it’s absolutely true. You’ll quite happily lay playing on your activity mat or bouncing in your chair, taking everything in until your little tummy starts to rumble and then you begin to shout.

It’s not a cry, more an angry little grunt that repeats like a beacon until you are fed. You love your milk so much. When you feed you thrash your arms and legs around trying to get the milk out faster, then guzzle it down until you get wind. I can feel all the little bubbles gathering in your belly. Then as soon as your tummy is full, you look up at me with your big blue eyes and give me big cheeky coo and a grin. It’s lovely seeing how having a full belly makes you so happy and content

When you’re not feeding you’re generally sucking your thumb or dribbling! You are such a big dribbler, forever blowing raspberries. At first Ettie was mortified saying you’d spat at her, but now she just laughs and wipes it away. When you suck your thumb it’s the sweetest thing. You found it all by yourself when I think you were trying to find a bit of comfort between feeds. Sometimes it used to fall out of your mouth as you fell asleep and you would thrash about in a right paddy until you found it again. Now you can find it all by yourself but sometimes it gets caught up in your sleeve and that makes you panic.

This month you’ve started to coo and make little gurgling sounds like you’re trying to communicate. I love nothing more than looking into your big blue eyes and pretending to have a little conversation with you. You pause when it’s my turn to coo and then gurgle again when its your turn with a big enigmatic smile. It really is the sweetest thing and makes my heart all a flutter. You’re not quite there with the giggling yet, but are definitely trying, letting out great big Coo’s when we shake your tummy or try to make you smile. You’ve also learned how to bounce on your own bouncing chair and entertain yourself making it rock while we eat our dinner! Such a clever boy!

You really do have the sweetest little smile. I know I am biased, but everyone says the same. It makes your eyes sparkle and is ever so contagious. Sometimes if I’ve been distracted with Ettie and you’ve been playing on your own a while, I pop over to check you’re ok and your whole face lights up with the warmest of grins. It completely melts my heart, but then I worry thinking you might be smiling like that because somebody has paid you attention  – (and then I feel tremendously guilty!!) I’m sure I won’t feel like that for long thoigh because this month you’ve started to shout if we leave you in a room too long on your own. If your sister and I are in the kitchen making her her millionth ‘milky’ of the day and you can hear us talking, you start calling for us with your little shout. It’s very cute and quite right too, it must be very frustrating not being able to walk through and see what all the commotion is about! Often Ettie will come and check on you (once she has her milky) and jump on your belly to make you laugh. The connection between you both is really growing this month and I know she loves it now that she can make you smile.

You also absolutely adore your sister. Initially I think you were a little scared of her because she was so loud and in your face. But now I think the louder she is, the more entertaining you find her. The other day I was cooking dinner and she was jumping on your bouncy chair blowing raspberry’s in your face. I thought you must be petrified so told he to calm down and be gentle, but she said ‘its ok mummy he likes it, look’. When I turned around you were giggling away with a big smile on your face and she was right! It’s so lovely watching the two of you get to know one another.

I love you so much my sweet-smelling, beautiful cuddly happy boy. I’m so glad you found us and are part of our family. You make our house such a happy home x

This Months Loves:

  • Pulling my hair;
  • Bouncing yourself in your bouncy chair;
  • Looking at yourself in the mirror;
  • Anyone smiling at you;
  • Thumb sucking;
  • Your Daddy;
  • Your sister.





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