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The Joyku Baby Sling | Review

The Joyky Baby Ringsling Review | The Halcyon Years

I ‘ve got a lovely small brand to share with you today.  We’re very lucky and get sent lots of lovely things to trial, but it’s not often that one of these brands actually ‘revolutionizes’ my life (for want of a better word without sounding too dramatic). The Joyku sling has made such a difference to our day-to-day lives that I really wanted to share why I think it’s so good in a review. We were under no obligation to write this, but when I think something is good I always like to share the love.

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Irina from Joyku asking if I would like to trial one of her baby slings. Initially I was hesitant because I’d tried Ollie in Ettie’s old baby sling and he didn’t really enjoy it but I think that may be because he was just too heavy.

I had one of those long fabric slings with Ettie and was a huge ‘baby wearer’. She would never really settle when I put her down, but always fell fast asleep in the sling. Whether it was the rocking motion being similar to the sensation of being in the womb, or simply the fact that she was held close whenever I popped her in the sling, she instantly fall asleep giving me two free hands to get on with tasks around the house. Because of that I was really hoping I could ‘wear’ Ollie too, but whenever I tried him in her sling he would just wriggle around trying to ‘break free’.  I think he found it uncomfortable because I could never get his position right, at 13.5km when he was only 2 months old (91st centile) he was MUCH bigger than Ettie and no matter how tight I tied the fabric his bum would always end up falling down leaving his head jangling between my boobs – not a pretty look for a boy and his mama! So after a couple of failed attempts we gave up with the sling and put back in the draw. Continuing to struggle on with our one pram/ toddler walking/ not enough arms scenario whenever we left the house!

When I explained all of this to Irina she was great explaining that the Joyku slings were really heavy duty and able to take more weight. The slings come in 13 colour ways and three fabric options; single linen, double linen and hand-woven cotton and all are suitable for babies up to 15kg. When I explained that Ollie was on the 91st centile for weight, Irina suggested one of the hand-woven slings as they are made out of grippy fabric which is perfect for heavier babies. When I heard this I became really excited and couldn’t wait to give one a try.

There are four colour options in the hand-woven style and I opted for ‘Mangu’ which is black to match Ollie’s hair. I also thought it would go with more outfits in the winter.

The sling arrived quickly in a beautiful presentation box with instructions inside on how to wear a baby correctly and safely. There was also a little carry bag to transport the sling when it isn’t in use. I thought both of these features would make the Joyku sling a good little gift for a baby shower or something.

Putting it to the test

As soon as I unpacked the sling itself I could tell the fabric was really strong and good quality and definitely better suited at holding Ollie’s weight. Following the instructions inside the box, I popped the sling over my right shoulder, threaded the material through the two rings and made a space for Ollie in the fabric that was under my arm. I then picked him up, popped him in and tightened the fabric using the rings making sure the fabric under his bum was pulled tight to create a little seat… and that was that! No big long lengths of fabric, no need to criss cross the whole thing over my body 100 times. Just a loop over the shoulder, baby in boom!!

I didn’t want to tempt fate and venture too far out of the house with Ollie in the sling in case he didn’t enjoy this one either, and so our first outing was just a walk to the shops. But he loved it! Within a couple of meters he was fast asleep, head up high and arms wrapped around me. I had to use one hand to support him as I was walking, but was able to remove it to pay for shopping and load the bags when I needed to and he still felt really secure. When we arrived home, I simply loosened off the fabric by pulling down one of the rings and then lifted him out, again it was hassle free.

Because that little trip went to plan, I decided to take him to Brighton the next day with Ollie in the sling and Ettie in the buggy. (Whilst Ettie is generally happy to walk, we struggle a bit on day trips if she needs a sleep so having the buggy for her helps with that.) This was uncharted territory for us and there was no back up plan if Ollie did kick up a fuss, but he was totally happy and snuggled down into my chest the whole way.

The Verdict 

I couldn’t be happier with the Joyku sling. Since our outing to Brighton we’ve been on many days out with Ettie in the buggy and Ollie in the sling and all have gone to plan so long may that continue. Having the sling has given us the freedom to go on day trips knowing that Ettie could take a nap if she needed to, which we just wouldn’t have been able to do before (she’s two and a half now so doesn’t nap everyday). The sling also means I’m able to pop into a shop with Ollie in my arms without having to unload the pram every time which can be cumbersome.

So reverting back to my original claim that the sling has ‘revolutionised’ our lives. Well I think it has and I’m ever so grateful to Irina for asking us to give it a try.

You can purchase your own Joyku sling here: Joyku.com or follow along on instagram here: @lovejoyku. Joyku also have a range of maternity clothes which are all breastfeeding friendly and some really cute swaddles you may like to check out.


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The freedom of being able to have two sleeping babies at the beach!


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