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Room Planning: A Monochrome Baby Boys Room

A Monochrome Boys Room Ideas | The Halcyon Years

W hilst I was in a mild panic to get Ollie’s room finished before he was born, we haven’t really touched it since he arrived and at the moment its a bit of a dumping ground for Ettie’s old toys and baby paraphernalia that doesn’t have its own tidy place in the house. Because he’s quite happy in the Snuzpod attached to our bed, its been quite nice to give ourselves a break from renovating, enjoy the progress we’ve made so far and take a step away from DIY.

However this morning when I was taking photos of Ollie to mark his three month ‘coming of age,’ I suddenly realised that time is slowly ticking by and its going to be time to move him from the comfort of the cosy  Snuzpod and into his own room before we know it! (*stem big rolling tears!).  Ettie was in our room until she was 9 months old because we were in the process of moving house and she fit in the Snuzpod most of that time! Ollie on the other hand is massive and it’s clear to see that he’ll be outgrowing his sleeping quarters within the next few months. So although the break was nice, its time get my thinking cap back on and start making plans for his room.

At the moment Ollie’s room is light grey and white. We kept it neutral because we weren’t sure whether we were having a girl or a boy and whilst I do love the pale grey, now that he’s here I’m not feeling it for our boy (No surprises there, decisiveness is not my forte!!)

A Monochrome Baby Boys Room

Because he has a lovely mop of black hair, I’m finding myself leaning towards a monochrome colour scheme with pops of colour to dotted around to break it up. I do love the grey, however if the room is going to see him through to the toddler years then I’d prefer something a bit more ‘edgy’ so I’ve been looking to scandi styles for inspiration. I like crisp colours and clear lines so black and white with pops of either rainbow colours or softer neutrals like the sage green he really suits, have been top of my list.


Ollie’s room is quite small and so I don’t think it would take too much black even if it is monochrome. To make a statement without the black being too overpowering, I’ll probably paint one of the walls in a dark colour such as Farrow and Ball ‘Off Black’ and then keep the remaining walls white and incorporate wall stickers such as these Swiss crosses from Etsy.

There are so many imaginative things you can do with paint these days. We have a diagonal line in Etties room where half the wall is pink and the other half white. I may replicate this in Ollie’s room using two different greys, however I’ll decide that once we have his cot in place as I don’t want the space to appear too ‘busy’.


At the moment he has an old chest of drawers which we’ve painted grey for his nappies and things and a hanging rail for his nicest clothes. This works well, for the time being, but if the room is going to see him through a few more years, then he really needs some proper storage. The room won’t take drawers and a wardrobe, so I’ll probably buy him a decent sized dresser like the ones below and personalise them with new knobs or handles

He hasn’t got a cot at the moment so we’ll just grab a cheap one for Ikea until its time to move him into a proper bed. I’d really like to get him a Cabin Bed because they are excellent space savers and I love the fact that he can make a little den beneath it. I’m big on Dens! Ettie has her Tipi and I want Ollie to have the same cosy space for when his friends come to play.   I’ve found a couple of cabin beds for sale from Room To Grow and its something like the styles below which I’ll be adding to his room. I may even paint some of the panels black, but well decide that closer to the time.


The thing which I’m really hoping will pull everything together is the wall art. I love going all out with the art in my children bedrooms as I think its one of the few places you can have a bit of fun (well there and the downstairs loo!) At the moment I’m really loving these Super Rabbit prints from Ebay so I’ll probably get a couple of those in the biggest size to hang on the wall over the bed and then maybe a personalised name sign from Lala Loves Decor, similar to the one I bought for Ettie.

There are also loads of cool little bits and pieces on Etsy like these wooden arrows, monochrome bedding and polka dot laundry basket so I’ll be having a hunt around there too for bits that will make it really personalised. I want him to have a space he is really proud of, that he’ll feel comfortable doing homework in when the time is right and hopefully it will suit his growing personality.

So there you have it, my current ideas for our baby boys room. Please let me know what you think or how you decorated your boys nursery in the comments below.

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A Monochrome Boys Room Ideas | The Halcyon Years


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  1. stickymudandbellylaughs
    23rd February 2019 / 10:53 am

    I love monochrome! It looks so bright and fresh. We did our eldest sons bedroom out in that when he was younger but we are now into Minecraft! So it has been changed yet again. 🙂

    Thanks so much for joining in with #MMBC. Have a great weekend. x

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