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Room Tour: Ettie’s Room {A Scandi Pink Girls Room}

A pink Scandi inspired girls room | The Halcyon Years

D esigning Ettie’s room been my favourite part of our renovation journey to date. Creating a beautiful little modern pink girls room that really captures the imagination is something I’ve always wanted to do and when we moved in here I was given a completely blank canvas which was perfect.

When designing her modern pink girls room I wanted to create a space that would grow with her. She was 10 months old when we first moved in and so past the newborn nursery stage. Because of that I wanted to create a room that was modern and perfect for a little girl. Somewhere we could play together, but also that she could enjoy with friends when she grows a little older.

Since posting Ettie’s Room Progress, a couple of months ago, we’ve already made a few changes to the decor including changing her cot into a big girls bed. She loves having a proper bed … although I’m sure she thinks it’s for bouncing on at the moment because she hasn’t managed to spend a whole night sleeping in there! My favourite part of the day is jumping in bed next to her in the evening to read her a bedtime story. Then giving her a little cuddle as she falls to sleep. It’s so much easier than having to clamber over the sides of the cot (yes I used to jump in there with her too! )

A Modern Pink Girls room with a Scandinavian twist | The Halcyon Years

Cot Bed: Silver Cross Notting Hill

A Modern Pink Girls Room: Decor

The theme for her room kind of evolved over time. When she was first-born, we were in the process of moving house so she didn’t have a proper ‘nursery’. I bought a few token bits for the guest room which sat on a shelf above her clothes rail. One of these was a little wooden stacking rainbow from Pixistuff.  I loved the pastel colours of the rainbow so much that a ‘rainbow’ theme was born and the colour scheme kind of stemmed from there.

I chose pink for the walls because, well because I love pink and what little girl doesn’t want a pink bedroom? Choosing the right shade of pink was a bit of a labour of love because I didn’t want anything too candyfloss looking. After working through what felt like the whole of the Farrow and Ball paint chart, I finally decided on one called ‘Blush Pink’ by Dulux.. It’s actually more of a peachy pink and quite a soft shade which is exactly what I had in mind.

A pink Scandi inspired girls room | Ettie and Me

A Modern Pink Girls room with a Scandinavian twist | The Halcyon Years

A Modern Pink Girls room with a Scandinavian twist | The Halcyon Years

Because pink can be a pretty overwhelming colour, I didn’t want the space to appear too sickly sweet. So I used a feature wall to break up the block of colour. I opted for a white wall with black dots because I thought it gave the femininity of the pink a bit of an edge. I love clean, crisp lines and Scandinavian design. So I knew the decor bits that I intended to buy would work well with the three colours combined.

A Modern Pink Girls room with a Scandinavian twist | The Halcyon Years


I’ve tried to make her room as personalised as possible buying mainly from small independent stores and adding little treasures with her name on here and there. The first thing I invested in was this beautiful handcrafted mobile from Velveteen Babies. I chose the colours of the rainbow to match her room. And to this day it is one of my favourite things in her nursery. I really hope she’ll be able to pass it down to her children one day.

A Modern Pink Girls room with a Scandinavian twist | The Halcyon Years

I bought the handmade name banner from Daydreams and Dandelions soon after she was born and again chose the colours in the flowers to match the pastel colours in the rainbow.  Actually I had this banner in mind when I was deciding on her name and I’m soo pleased with it.

Handpainted wall banner with pastel flowers personalised with the name Arrietty by Daydreams and Dandelions | A Modern Pink Girls room with a Scandinavian twist | The Halcyon Years

The small pennant flag is from This Paper Book and the wooden ‘Ettie’ name sign from Brighton store called La La Loves Decor. Everything Kelly makes is beautiful and if you contact her directly she’s often happy to make custom orders too.

The Miffy Lamp is by a Scandinavian brand called Mr Maria. But I bought it from The Modern Nursery and the small wooden cot is by Cam Cam (purchased from Scandiborn). The bedding in her little dolls cot matches the bedding on her bed and I bought the two to match thinking it would be something to entice her to actually sleep in her bed (once she’d tucked her dolls up for the night). It worked for a couple of weeks. But now she prefers to put all the dolls in her bed and Ollie in the cot (or at least she tries to!).

Cot: Cam Cam                                                                                                                                                 Miss Lola Doll: Nacotopocoto

Wall Art

I LOVE wall art as I think it can really set the tone of a room. I’ve gone for three distinct prints in Etties room. The whimsical imp like pictures are by Mrs Mighetto (from the Modern Nursery) and the Piri Parum Poster is from Fine Little Day. The Mrs Mighetto prints really capture the imagination. When I was younger a fair used to come to my town every September and it was literally the highlight of my year.

The images in the prints are nothing like the fair in my town. But they remind me of happy times none the less and I hope they’ll do the same for Ettie. Mrs Mighetto have a variety of limited edition prints and the ones I chose for Ettie’s room are Miss Alice and Miss Emma (of course!).

The Piri Parum poster was actually from our bedroom in our old flat. But I think it works really well in this modern pink girls room space.

Reading Area

The teepee and reading area are there to indulge my childhood dreams. I absolutely LOVED making Dens when I was younger. I’d away from the rest of the world, often with a book by Roald Dahl or Enid Blyton.

So I really wanted to create Ettie her own real life den to help capture her imagination!  I’ve made it really cosy by adding a string of fairy lights over the top. Sometimes in the evening we sneak in there to have a snuggle and read our bedtime story which is just lovely.

The monochrome mat is by Wildfire Teepees. Eventually I’m hoping to update the cushions in there to little blush stars and hearts.

The bookshelves are from Jo Jo Maman Bebe. I wanted somewhere she could display her favourite things and more importantly reach them as she began to walk. These shelves are just the right length to fill the space between the teepee and the door. Plus they’re just the right height for her to choose the one she wants to read in the evening.

The Borrowers books on the bottom shelf are in homage to her full name which is Arrietty (the main character from the books). I bought her a first edition copy of each book for her birthday, christening and first Christmas. However am yet to find a copy of the final book.

So there you have it! A modern pink girls room set to capture the imagination. I hope you like it baby girl xxx

Prints: Mrs Mighetto
Name banner: Daydreams and Dandilions
Dolls Cot: Cam Cam from Scandiborn
Miffy Light: The Modern Nursery
Heart Neon Light: A Little Lovely Company
‘Ettie’ wooden wall sign: Lala Loves Decor
Miss Lola Doll: Nacotopocoto


A pink Scandi inspired girls room | Ettie and Me

Three first edition Borrower books on a pink bed | A Modern Pink Girls room with a Scandinavian twist | The Halcyon YearsA Modern Pink Girls room with a Scandinavian twist | The Halcyon Years

peach handmade bunny with grey ears and pink bow| A Modern Pink Girls room with a Scandinavian twist | The Halcyon YearsA Modern Pink Girls room with a Scandinavian twist | The Halcyon Years

A Modern Pink Girls room with a Scandinavian twist | The Halcyon Years



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      Thankyou, I’ve really enjoyed decorating it x

  1. Ads
    17th October 2019 / 3:12 am

    So so lovely. Will try to recreate. Is the black and white wall painted or wallpaper?

    • 17th October 2019 / 9:58 am

      Oh thank you so much. Its actually wall stickers. I got them off Etsy. Good luck with your room x

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