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A facial a day keeps the doctor away….

Bespoke Facial; Treatment, Hove |The Halcyon Years

Ok so perhaps not every day but ‘a facial every 4-6 weeks as recommended, keeps the doctor away‘ really wasn’t as punchy a title!!

Last Saturday I was invited to sample a bespoke facial treatment with Juliet at the Skin Studio in Hove and I’m not exaggerating when I say I think it’s one of the best facials I’ve ever had! Having had Ollie only two months ago, taking time out for me isn’t really something that’s been high on my agenda, but with sleepless night and breastfeeding all taking their toll on my skin, a lovely relaxing facial was absolutely something I needed and I walked out of her salon feeling energised and refreshed.

Juliet started her career working in a skin treatment centre in Australia learning how to treat patients with skin cancer and severe burns. She then went on to study Advanced Skin Therapy before opening her own salon in Wimbledon in London. So without wanting this to sound like I’m listing off her entire resume, I think all I really need to say about Juliet is that she knows about skin!

She recently opened her salon, ‘The Skin Studio’, within one of the treatment rooms of Clinic 33 in Hove and offers a range of services from Electrolysis to waxing and tinting. The treatment I sampled was a bespoke facial lasting 60 minutes. Rather than a one size fits all approach, this facial was completely tailored to the needs of my skin. We had a short consultation before hand where I highlighted my problem areas and she was able to devise a treatment tailor-made for me.

I’ve always had dehydrated skin and although I have ramped up my skincare routine in recent months, she could still tell that I don’t drink enough water and so spent a lot of time really hydrating my cells. I’m also bothered about sagginess around my jaw line, so she used micro currents to lift and tighten that particular area.

facial review | Ettie and Me
The ‘Before’ Shot

To give you an idea of what a ‘bespoke facial treatment’ actually entails, this is a list of everything I had within the hour: A deep exfoliation with steam, a Vitamin C and lactic exfoliation, an enzyme peel mask for deeper exfoliation, a micro current face and muscle lift, a lifting and draining face massage, an oxygen and vitamin infusion with Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C, a Terra Sana Mask which for smoothing and brightening, a collagen and hyaluronic acid serum, all topped off with a final moisturiser.

Listing everything out like that you can see how her facials can be completely bespoke There are so many various types of facial treatment out there, its easy to become baffled by science and choose something you think you need, when perhaps there’s a better option available. I loved Juliet’s facial because it contained a bit of everything. She used her expert eye to determine what my skin needed, so I wasnt limited to ‘just a hyaluronic mask’ or ‘just a go with the tightening machines’.

Bespoke Facial; Treatment, Hove |Ettie and Me
The ‘After’ – I got completely carried away and forgot to take a photograph so here is a screen capture from my IG stories

It’s also reassuring to know that all of the products she uses are free from emulsifiers, preservatives, paragons, artificial fragrances, mineral oils, silicones, colours and are not tested on animals. I’m a big believer in beauty that isn’t at the expense of the planet or our furry friends so this was a big win for me.

Juliet’s facial incorporated everything my skin needed and when I left it felt completely amazing. I had lots of dehydrated areas around my nose when I arrived and they were completely smooth when I left. Juliet also took the time to explain to me the exact ingredients I should be looking for in my products in the future which I thought was helpful.

The whole experience was extremely relaxing and reminded yet again that I really should make more time out for just me in the future.

Clinic 33 is located on Salisbury road in Hove and offers a range of procedures such as teeth whitening and permanent cosmetics.

If you do fancy treating yourself, Juliet has kindly offered 20% off all first treatments for readers so just mention this blog at the time of booking. You can book via her website at www.theskinstudios.co.uk or contact her via email at juliet@theskinstudios.co.uk / telephone 07730461724. Her Instagram is The_SkinStudio


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