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8 weeks of Ollie

8 week old baby boy in bed with dinosaur| The Halcyon Years

D ear little man

You’ve been with us for almost 8 weeks now and time is rushing by so quickly. I wanted to make a list of all of the little things you do so I don’t forget them when you grow up to be a big boy… which is going to be in the blink of an eye!

Things I’ve noticed this month are;

  • The way you grasp my hands so tightly when you feed. Its like every drop of milk is going to be your last one, and the little grunting snuffling sounds you make;
  • You also stare up at me with big blue eyes every time you feed. It’s enchanting because your gaze is so beautiful and innocent, but it also makes me feel guilty that I don’t have the time to to just sit and stare back at you like I did with your sister;
  • The way you cuddle us so tightly when we pick you up. Like one of those grippy Koala toys. I can tell you are going to be caring and sensitive with a big heart like your Daddy. I thought this from the very first day you were born and still think the same.
  • You’re a little chunk, at 2 months old you’re already heavier than Ettie was at 5 months but it makes you such a lovely cuddler;
  • You smell sooooo good! I love nothing more than sniffing your head and the little crease behind your neck;
  • Your smiles are absolutely delicious. You started smiling very early, at around 5 weeks and they’ve been getting bigger and bigger every day;
  • You are getting less scared of your sister. You used to wince and start to cry when she looked like she was coming near you, but now you seem to be taking her in and getting used to her being around.
  • You poop A LOT!! Some days we have to change you three because of Poonamis and it always seems to be when you have your best clothes on!
  • You didn’t like your nasty injections. I felt so bad because you looked so happy before the needle went in and then your little bottom lip popped out and started quivering before you cried. It made my heart ache seeing you so sad and not being able to help.

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