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Letters to Ettie : 2 years 3 months (27 months old)

The Halcyon Years

Dearest Ettie Ettie at 27 months old

Your little brother has been here for almost two months now and you’re taken to being a big sister in the best possible way always comforting him when he’s crying and looking for him as soon as you wake up. We were warned that you might feel a little left out but his arrival and so we tried to make sure you had quality one on one time with one of us but you didn’t want it and always asked for ‘baby’ whenever it seemed like you were going anywhere without him. You do know his name, but because we called him baby for so long inside my tummy, I think the name has just stuck. I hope you change it before he gets bigger, or he might be having words ‘;) Ettie at 27 months old

You are so protective over him. One night you fell on him my accident and I shouted ‘Ettie’ a bit loud which I think scared you. You burst into tears and I felt so bad for making you cry. That night you woke up twice in the evening before we had even gone to bed and one time when I was getting you back to sleep you said ‘I fell on baby’  I think it must have worried you so much but he was absolutely fine.

You also had your first bout of proper illness this month – as in real illness not you just pretending you’re poorly to be sent home from nursery. Shortly after Ollie was born – I think it was actually the same week, you came down with a bout of chicken pox! We seen a couple of spots on your arms and weren’t sure what they were so when the health visitor came to check on Ollie we mentioned it. She said she thought it was chicken pox but that you had got off lightly, but then by that evening you were covered. It was so sad to see your pretty little face all covered in spots. But you were so good, not really complaining or scratching them. The girls at nursery had told you to ‘pat pat’ your eczema when it was sore over the summer and so we done the same with your chicken pox and it worked. Then when it was time for the scabs to come off, I tried to pick some of them to stop them catching on your clothes, but you told me not to!! You have much better will power than me! Such a brave  and clever girl.

This month I’ve seen you grow up so might, I’ve had my first little insight into what you are going to be like as a little girl. We went to a party with some older girls and you absolutely loved playing with them and copying what they did, I mean you love playing with everyone, you’re ever so sociable and like nothing more than seeing your friends – but I think you were particularly starstruck by Evie and Coco – like you are with your Cousin L to the point that you weren’t interested in playing with me! ‘ the first time you’ve shunned me at a party and it made me feel a little lost – but I got over it by managing to have a full glass of wine in peace so thankyou haha! Gran Gran says you’re just like me  – but I already knew that!

Nanny bought you a Scooter for your birthday so we have been out on that a couple of times but you aren’t very confident and so I end up carrying it most of the way. You are also petrified of dogs so jump off and run behind me as soon as you see one heading towards you! We bought you a helmet and some little streamers for the handle bars to try to encourage you to take more of an interest and it worked a little bit, but I think you get frustrated that you can’t do it and so we need to keep practicing. 

My dearest Ettie you are the sharpest, wittiest, funniest, most caring and beautiful person I know. I feel so incredibly lucky to even know you, let alone be your mummy! Please always be my best friend – even when there are older girls going down the big slide backwards at a party!

Love you always and forever

Your Mummy xxxxxxx

Ettie at 27 months old





Becoming a big sister

18 months old


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