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5 weeks of Ollie

5 weeks of Ollie | Newborn baby boy in bed with Dinosaur | The Halcyon Years

D ear little Olliebobs

You’ve been with us for 5 weeks now and already you are changing. Time is going so quickly, I wanted to write you a letter but just haven’t had time so here are some of the little things I’ve noticed about your tiny self since you were born…

  • At five weeks old you’re opening your eyes a lot more now. You slept a lot in the early weeks, only really waking to eat but now you seem much more awake and alert. I’m sure your eyes are going to be blue. People question me, but I can tell;
  • You stare at us all so intently, like you’re really taking everything in. You sometimes give us a little angry side eye too if you’re not happy with us;
  • You grip my hand so fiercely and intently when I give you a hug. It’s lovely to feel so wanted;
  • You smell INCREDIBLE!! I could spend hours sniffing in your little head, its intoxicating and goes right down my nose to warm my heart;
  • You also love to grip my hair and necklace, sometimes I need to prize your fingers off before I can put you down;
  • You make little grunting noises while you feed then let you a little sigh when you are done. It’s ever so cute;
  • At five weeks your first smiles are just beginning to happen (at Daddy). It started when I would stroke the side of your face, but now you smile when we all smile at you;
  • You are still a bit wary of your sister and cry if she comes near you when you are on your own;
  • You fart and poo like a trooper. Every time you feed it comes out almost instantly! Its costing us a fortune in nappies 😉
  • You love sitting up straight and seeing what’s going on. I’ve ordered you a new bouncy chair because I know you’ll love it;
  • You’re eyebrows are really growing now, and eyelashes. At first I thought they would be small like mine but they are really starting to take shape and I’m sure you’ll have the Faith lashes like your Daddy and sister (lucky you!)
  • You are ever so snuggly and always want to nuzzle into my neck when I give you a cuddle.
  • You love your Daddy more than anything and always save the best smiles for him. As soon as he walks in the door you can’t take your eyes off him and follow him around the room. I love watching the bond between the two of you form, it’s such a special thing to witness.

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