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Letters to Ettie … and now you are two!!

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T o my beautiful, sensitive, funny, caring, cuddly, cheeky, perfect little sausage!

Today was your second birthday so I wanted to write you a letter telling you how unbelievably proud we are of you and how brain poppingly happy you make us each and every day. You are without a shadow of a doubt the best thing that has ever happened to us and we feel so lucky and happy to be able to call ourselves your parents.

Yesterday we took you to Peppa Pig World with Gran Gran and Colin (you still don’t call him Granda :D) and it was lots of fun. You love Peppa so much. I was so excited to see your little face when we got there and you realised where we were headed. It was a lovely sunny day so we were able to spend lots of time outside and go on all of the rides. You were a little tired at first, but once you’d had some lunch you got your energy back and there was no stopping you! Daddy won you a toy Peppa by throwing a ball into a bucket. You picked out Peppa in a red dress at first but then changed your mind and went back to the kiosk to asked the man to change it for a George. It made me laugh because thats exactly the kind of things I would do.

Today we woke up early and opened your presents. I knew you would be excited when you found out the birthday fairy had been. We closed the living room door last night and all gathered around you as you walked inside and you walked in then jumped up and down on the spot smiling when you seen all your presents. It made me feel so happy! You were so excited with your balloon and then your cards haha! The first thing you opened was your drum and you loved the real sticks, then you opened a truck from Mummy and Daddy (which you had been asking for but didn’t seem too thrilled with it once it arrived ha) and finally a baby with a nappy on from Gran Gran and Colin (that you had also been asking for). The baby is very American like your potty and it sings a little song when she is hungry or wants a cuddle but you seem to like her and wanted to give her some milk straight away!

This afternoon we went to the park with Eddie. The two of you are so funny together. You are always so excited to see each other at first, but then you have a bit of a stand-off and refuse to share any of your toys then right as we are all about to leave each other, you suddenly remember that you are the best of friends and begin running around chasing one another again. It’s so lovely to watch and I’m so happy you have a friend like Eddie to grow up with.

After the park we went to India’s Mummy’s hen party on the beach and all the girls sang happy birthday to you as we arrived. You were a little bit overwhelmed at first and went quite shy, but you soon got your confidence back asking all the girls for a strawberry. It was a really lovely afternoon and made me laugh that you’ve attended your first hen party aged two.

You’re such a funny character at the moment. So happy and full of energy, I really miss you on nursery days – although they do give me a chance to get lots done. Some of the things you come out with make me laugh so much like ‘Right guys, lets sing!’ and then you make us all sit on the floor in a circle to sing a song with you. You say it with such conviction too, there is no mistaking who is the boss in this house! 😉 I bought you a drum for your birthday because you love to play an instrument but I you think the real sticks are the best bit. You also love having your ‘keys’ and pretending to drive your car to work and always have a pretend phone in your hand which you answer by saying ‘Hello Stuart Faith’ or Hello Happy f’.

You also say such adult sentences ‘I need my nappy changed actually’ and ‘hmm it’s not too bad’, and as if the words weren’t funny enough, you always accompany them with really grown up facial expressions too. It’s the funniest thing and I just want to pick you up and snuggle you all the time. You also copy everything Daddy says and repeat it to me like ‘come on Em’ and ‘Em are you ok’ . I love it.

You’ve also started calling me ‘Mummmaa‘ and ‘Mum; which is strange as I think I’ve only really referred to myself as Mam to you, but I love it and it makes you sound like a little French girl. I love how you are so confident and march to the beat of your own drum. You know exactly what you want, make your own decisions and are so beautiful and caring too! I couldn’t wish for a more perfect daughter. I love our bond and love spending time with you. I am so immensely proud and happy to call myself your Mum! 

Happy Birthday my darling girl! I hope we made it a special one for you xxxxx


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