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A fun night out with Fizzbox | Brighton

Fizzbox stag and hen party events brighton | Cocktail making masterclass Earlier this week I was invited to a Blogger Event hosted by a company called Fizzbox and it was so.much.fun!! I’m relatively new to the blogger scene in Brighton so don’t really get invited to many events, but this was a double whammy of Afternoon Tea followed by Cocktail Making so if I was to make my blogging event debut in any way, then this was a good way to begin.

Fizzbox stag and hen party events brighton | Cocktail making masterclass

We started the evening at Browns Brasserie in the North Laines for a lovely afternoon tea (albeit it was 6pm!) The drinkers amongst the group had a never-ending supply of sparking champagne whilst I enjoyed a selection of fruit teas and cucumber water. If you are looking to host a special occasion, then the setting was perfect. Not too crowded so everyone got a chance to talk to one another and the food was delicious!! I’m still annoyed that I missed out on sampling the caramel cheesecake!!

Once we’d all filled our boots with cake and finger sandwiches, we hot stepped round the corner to our second location, Vodka Revolution on West Street. The walk wasn’t far at all, and provided a welcome relief to burn off some of the cake between the two activities.

Now I’m not sure if you know Vodka Revs, but traditionally it’s been your 241 go stop for Friday/ Saturday night revelers, with cheap shots, cocktail jugs and weekend specials, I’d never have put it down on my list of ‘classy venues’…. however, the Brighton ‘Revs’ – (as we call it locally), has undergone a bit of a face-lift recently and it’s actually really pretty. Our cocktail making class was in its own private room upstairs, complete with white washed brick walls, trailing ivy and full size carousel horses! It was an Instagrammers dream and actually made for a really lovely evening.

We were greeted with a glass of bubbly on arrival and there was a chance to mingle with the other bloggers, taking photos of the decor and ever so fancy carousel horses!! After a short while a round of Espresso Martinis appeared on the bar, together with two Smooth Talkers for myself and @emily_hutton who weren’t drinking and we all took up our seats ready for the Masterclass to begin! The bar men running the show were great and really accommodating to the fact that Emily and I were avoiding alcohol. I’ve been to similar events in the past where being a non-drinker has been a bit of a hindrance to the organizer, finding myself packed off into a corner with an uninspired non-alcoholic Sex on the Beach (essentially just orange and pineapple juice with a touch of grenadine). But on this occasion the staff couldn’t have been more accommodating. We were all given a copy of the current summer cocktail menu and asked to choose any drink to have a go at making.

There were four non-alcoholic options on the menu to choose from, but being the fussy customer that I am, I really wanted to try one called the Butterfly Effect which ordinarily is a blend of raspberry vodka, Blue Curaçao, sugar and violet syrup with cranberry, lime and lemonade! It sounded delicious but obviously I wanted to swerve the vodka and BC! Not being perplexed by my awkward request the clever mixologists came up with two prototypes trying to make something delicious for my pregnant taste buds to enjoy. Once they were happy with their creation, it was my turn to jump behind the bar and have a go at making it. Needless to say it was delicious and tasted a little like Palma Violets with a touch of blackberry on the side.

After all the masterclass was over, we were treated to a shot train and yet more food… (Fizzbox certainly know how to feed you well!!) Then it was on with the rest of the evening and a chance to mingle further with the other bloggers.

All in all I had a fantastic time with Fizzbox and would really recommend them if you were looking to host a special occasion such as a classic stag or hen party, birthday or corporate event. There are loads of activities to choose from in locations throughout the UK and the staff are super dooper friendly. Customers have complete control of their booking, just select the venue,  activity and number of guests in the group and the staff will do the rest. If you’d like to find out more I’ve included a link to their website here: Fizzbox.com

Thankyou so much Fizzbox for having me x

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