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Maternity Outfit Ideas for a Summer Wedding

Maternity outfit ideas for a summer wedding | The Halcyon Years

Wedding season is upon us and to celebrate the occasion we’ve been invited to five summer weddings this year – all around a month before my due date!! Now I love a good wedding as much as the next person, some would say even more so! There’s nothing like putting on a posh frock and dancing to Aga Doo with friends to lift the spirits… but when you’re the size of a house, your feet hurt walking around in even the comfiest slippers and there’s a baby doing a little Irish jig on your bladder every five, finding an outfit thats going to make you feel stylish, but is also comfortable and practical can be a little bit tricky!

If you follow my stories on Instagram, you’ll all know I got a little carried away with my ASOS order recently and ordered 50% of their maternity dresses!! I really wasn’t sure what style to go for, or what would fit my ever expanding figure and so to cover all bases I ordered a variety of styles in all patters, shapes and sizes. Some were better than expected, some were indecent and some made me question my sanity at ordering a low cut dress when my boobs are 200% bigger than their usual size!

Here is a selection of the few that I felt confident enough to share on Instagram.

From the variety of dresses I ordered, I’ve picked out my favourites below. I tended to choose styles that had an empire line as I’m short and so found the break in pattern made me look a little bit taller. I also opted for block colour rather than patters as again I think these suited my short frame a little better.

Naively I thought I would be ok wearing heels to the first wedding and so paired the blush pink dress with some beige heels. Rookie error as my feet were in agony before the couple had even signed the register!! I learned my lesson by wedding number 3, choosing the black and white dress below with flats underneath!

Please let me know what you think of the styles below and whether you have any other maternity outfit ideas for a summer wedding.

Thanks for reading and happy wedding season xx


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