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Letters to Ettie {20 Months}

Letters to Ettie {20 Months}

To my beautiful, amazing, loving, caring, gorgeous little girl

I haven’t been able to really write to you for the past two months as I’ve felt soooo poorly, but now I’m feeling better I have so much to say, I’m sure you’ll fall asleep by the time you finish this letter, so I will try to keep it brief.

I’ve probably said the same thing to you every month that I’ve been writing these letters. but this month has definitely been my favourite age by far! You’re just so cheeky and funny, but also really loving and caring too. Your speech is getting better by the day and you’re always shocking us with how many words you’ve learned. Your favourite phrases at the moment are ‘What you doing Mummmmmmmmmyyyyyyy??’ (or Daddy) and ‘Mummy draw circles….’.  I don’t think you really want to draw circles all the time, it’s just what you say, but you do absolutely love drawing – although only with pens! If we give you a pencil or something that might be easy to clean then you brush it away and say ‘No’ very sternly with a little pointed finger!! You definitely know what you want, but you are good and if you do accidentally make a mark on the floor or table, then you tell us straight away so we can clean it up.

You also absolutely love to cuddle, asking for cuddles all the time, and when we pick you up, you give us big lovely bear hugs, where you wrap your little arms tightly around our necks and rest your cosy head on our shoulders. It’s absolutely my favourite thing in the whole wide world and I could stand and cuddle you forever! Your little hair tickling my nose!!!  I feel so lucky you want to cuddle me so tightly. It sometimes feels like you’re giving me the big reassuring hugs I need rather than the other way around!! You are very smart too though and know that when you ask for cuddles we can’t resist so you use it for sneaky things like getting out of your high chair and pram!! So clever already knowing that tugging on the heart-strings will work every time 😉

As well as all the love and affection, you’re also growing a fierce little temper too and get sooooo angry when you are tired! I think we would be scared of you if you weren’t so funny standing shouting and waving your little fists in the air. It really makes us giggle and we try not to show you for fear of making you even angrier but your little face is just too comical.

Adventures this month include meeting up with lots of friends that we haven’t seen for ages! You loved baby J and got really excited holding his little hand, then we went to Reading to see O – who thought you were really funny when you were shouting because you wanted out of your chair. Two cheeky rascals together and we went to Chichester where you had a Wagamamas with Daddy and ate it alll up! We also met Baby L and you wanted to give her some of your cake. I think she is going to be your friend because you talked about her all week afterwards, so very sweet. Incidentally you got the cake for getting Star of the Day at nursery and you were very excited about it. They gave you a little certificate and you couldn’t wait to show Daddy when you got home. 

We’ve been doing lots of work on the house this month and you’ve loved going up to the top floor to see “what the boys are doing’. You take your little tool box and hammer away on the walls then ask to put Nicks radio on so you can dance in the middle of the floor. Our little builders helper. I love having you involved in our building work because it feels like your part of the family trade, making lots of happy memories to look back on. Its going to be so exciting looking back on the house when it’s all finished and you’re a little more grown up, like the house is ‘growing up’ just like you are.

I love you forever my gorgeous girl and I cant wait to find out what adventures we have in store next month xxx


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