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Letters to Ettie {18-19 Months}

Letters to Ettie {18-19 Months}

To my beautiful daughter

I held off writing your 18 month letter because I was feeling so poorly,  I couldn’t really think of anything to say that I hadn’t already said – other than to say how much I absolutely love you with my whole entire heart. Honestly every time you reach up to me and ask me for a cuddle, or nestle your little face close into mine for a snuggle, I feel like my heart could burst into a million pieces. I know people talk about the ‘joys of motherhood’ but no one could have prepared me for the way you can melt away all the pressures of the day with a little smile or a giant hug. I’m sure you’ll read these letters someday when you’re all grown up and cringe a little at how soppy your old Mum could be, but I always want you to know how much you’ve changed my life and made my heart so complete.  

You make me smile even on the lousiest of rainy horrible days, and I can’t wait to get home from work to give you a cuddle. When I arrive to collect you from nursery, you run over to me, arms open wide shouting ‘Mummmmmmmmy’ so excited, our bodies collide and I pick you up to give you the biggest hug!! Secretly I am just as excited to see you but I think the girls at nursery might think I’m a bit mad if I run into the playroom shouting Etttttttttttieee!!’

We had Christmas last month and spent it back in Cumbria with Gran Gran and Colin. It was such a lovely break and you had a great time running around their house asking for chocolate. You definitely have them both wrapped around your little finger, asking them to play games with you or put ‘Pat’ on the TV. They love you so much and you love them, in fact you said ‘Gran Gran’ so many times while we were there, it was ringing in our ears as we left.

At the start of the break you were calling Granda, ‘Gran Gran’ too which was a bit confusing. We said one time that his real name was ‘Colin’ and from thereon in you decided that was a much better name for him so you’ve been calling him Colin ever since. It’s so funny, every time you say it in your little voice we want to roll on the floor laughing. I think all the excitement of the holiday affected your sleep, because for three weeks you just would NOT go to bed! No matter how hard we tried! You even ended up staying up with us until 1.30am on New Years Eve, the life and soul of the party!! In the end we had to come to bed with you because we were all too tired carry on! You out partied us all!

This month you’ve learned to sing, anywhere and everywhere usually at the top of your voice if there is only Mummy and Daddy around (you get a bit shy if there are people you don’t know). Your favourites at the moment are ‘Twinkle Twinkle’, ‘Wind the Bobbin Up’ and most recently ‘Happy Birthday tooo youuu’.

Like I said at the beginning, I’ve been a bit poorly for the last few months and I’ve been falling asleep everywhere but you haven’t seemed to mind! You’ve just known to go to Daddy for fun and Mummy for cuddles. There have even been times that I’ve fallen asleep in your tipi while putting you to bed, only to be woken up by you gently patting me on the face with your little hands saying ‘wake up Mummy’. Such a caring little bean.

That said. you’re a full blown toddler now with attitude and if you don’t want to do something, you shake your finger and shout ‘No Mummy!!’ Very forcefully, I think we’re going to have fun with you when you are a teenager. Daddy laughs because he thinks you remind him of me, but I don’t mind because at least I’ll always know what you’re thinking (I hope!!) We have a game that we play when you’re angry where you shout ‘arghhh’ so I copy, then you stop, so I stop, then you start again and I copy, our eyes in contact the whole time!!  Its just a funny little thing, but you find it very funny and I love the little twinkle that develops in your eye when you realise we’re playing a game.

Not many adventures this month I’m afraid because Mummy has been so poorly!! Our main trip was to Cumbria where we stopped off in Manchester to celebrate A’s birthday and you had a big pizza! We had a lovely afternoon on the beach St Bees playing with your new pram, then we went to soft play a couple of times with friends and to your cousin L’s birthday party where you had a great time. You love your cousins so much. You also came on a special visit with Mummy and Daddy but we can tell you more about that when you’re older.

Mummy hopes to feel better next month so we can get out and have lots more fun. 

I love you so much my cheeky, funny, caring, crazy little rascal and I always will

Forever your Mummy xxx


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