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Creating a logo with Looka

gold Ettie and me Logo
*This post has been updated to reflect the fact that Logojoy has rebranded to Looka Logo Maker

‘Ettie and Me’ has been going for five whole months now (I know I can’t believe it either!) and in that time we’ve developed so much. Looking at the site now its hard to imagine the little free WordPress site I began my blogging journey on. With its single profile picture and simple drop down menu, its a long way from the interactive site I have today, but there is still progress to me made.

One addition I haven’t made, until now, is the creation of a brand logo. To be honest, it’s something I hadn’t really thought about because I wasn’t really sure I needed one. I don’t have any merchandise and we certainly don’t wear uniforms (can you imagine ;0) ) so I wasn’t really sure of the benefit, but alas I was wrong! As I venture further down this blogging road and the blog is getting featured more by more and more third parties, I’ve realised that having a logo is actually really important. It helps create identity and will hopefully make the blog more memorable and recognisable.

So I couldn’t believe my luck when Looka contacted me asking me to try out their new online logo maker. Looka uses artificial intelligence to instantly generate beautiful, unique logo ideas for your business.

It’s such a clever concept. What could take hours and a wad of money with a graphic designer, can now be done in a matter of minutes from the comfort of your living room sofa. All logo’s are free to generate and you only pay for a design once you’re completely happy with the result.

The whole process goes a little something like this:

Looka Logo Maker


Logojoy logo options stage 1 | Looka logo maker review
Stage 1: Pick the logos you like

After entering your brand/business name and slogan, the logo creator will give you a load of different logo options to choose from, some corporate, some stylish, some fun, something for all tastes. It will then ask you to choose at least five that you like.

After that you’ll be asked to choose any colour choices that you’re particularly keen on. You’ll be presented with a number of squares containing various colour options, green shades, blue shades, pink shades etc. Then you just click on the one you like. I wouldn’t get too caught up on this bit though as all colour choices (and logo choices for that matter) are fully changeable at a later stage.

stage 3 choose symbols in looka | Looka logo maker reviewOnce you’ve decided on colour and style, you’ll be given an option to add one of over 550k symbols to your logo that you think might complement your brand. This sounds a lot more daunting than it actually is. The symbol generator allows you to type in key words relevant to your brand, then identifies the symbols it believes to be a good fit. The search bar also recommends similar words for inspiration, similar to a Google search.

And now for the clever bit! Looka will then use your choices to generate a number of personalised logos tailored to your business that it thinks you will like. I was a little dubious about this bit as didn’t really think any of the initial options were a good fit for my brand…. but I was happily surprised.

Spoiled for Choice

If you don’t see a logo you fancy at first, more can be generated as you scroll along using the arrow keys. Once you find on you like, you can change the colours, play around with the fonts and tinker with the layout until you’re completely happy with the design. There are 475 fonts, 550k+ premium symbols, 5.5k colour presets and 6 layouts to choose from to perfect your design and you can change the spacing and font size if you so wish.

When deciding my logo I went back and forth for ages trying to decide if I wanted something classic or more playful. In the end I’ve opted for a simple design with a bit of fun thrown in as I wanted it to tie in with the fact that this is a family blog. I’ve chosen the rainbow as the symbol because I wanted to give a little nod to Edie and I think it represents fun and outdoor life, which is hopefully something my blog portrays.

See the Design in Action

One aspect of the website I did really enjoy, it is capability for you to see your designs in action either on business cards, a T-shirt or my personal favourite, an office door! I can definitely see our name up in lights one day. ๐Ÿ˜‰ As you make changes, all previews will update in real-time so you can have a lot of fun with this.

looka design on door | Looka logo maker review

logojoy options | looka logo maker | The Halcyon YearsHow to Purchase

Once you’re done, all that’s left is to choose an option for purchase. I was asked to try the Premium Package and I would highly recommend this as it gives me the option to use a higher resolution logo which can later be changed and re-download. The great thing about this package is that Looka will also send you all the fonts and files linked to your logo, meaning you’ll be able to use them elsewhere too to match your branding. They’ll also provide perfectly sized versions of the logo for social media, and brand guidelines with the colours and fonts use.

The Verdict

I’m actually a really picky person, so was dubious with the thought of using a computer package to generate a logo. I’ve used various phone apps in the past for other logos and became annoyed with the limited options available so gave up! I was pleasantly surprised with Looka though. I was asked to give a warts and all review of the package, so I will say that it is annoying that there is no undo option for if you make a change and don’t like it. However the design options are so easy to change between it is quite simple to get back to where you were.

I also think theย  Looka logo maker could benefit from being able to center the slogan line beneath the company name. I’m sure this is something which could be achieved if I was to ask the Looka team for further edits, a feature which is available in real time. However it would be great for the user to have the option to do it themselves.


All in all I’d say I’m really happy with the package and can recommend it if you are looking to create a new logo. If you’re interested I have a code that will give you $20 off your first purchase. Simply go to the Looka website, create your design and enter code: rJO1VfJyf at checkout, then your lovely new logo will be about ยฃ15 cheaper!!

Happy days!

ettie and me logo in gold | Looka logo maker review

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  1. 8th November 2017 / 2:15 pm

    That’s very interesting. I was wondering too if I need to create a logo and I will check out Logojoy for sure. Sofar I have only started using Canva to create some post graphics

    • 8th November 2017 / 2:17 pm

      Yes I’ve used canva too, it is good but I think this was a bit simpler. Good luck xx

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