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Letters to Ettie {15 months}

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Well well my little peanut you are 15 months already!!

15 months of cheeky, loving, scrummy fun all rolled into a 2ft tall little person.

You’ve grown up so much in this past month. After struggling a little at nursery at first, this month you’ve really settled in, sometimes taking your shoes to the front door and standing there when it’s time to leave.

You definitely know what you want my little Miss. I remember the turning point a few weeks ago. It was a Friday and I’d left work early to collect you because your uncle R had come to stay. I walked into nursery expecting you to run over and fling your arms around me like you usually do. But it was snack time, so when you seen me you shouted ‘NO’ and turned away to sit at the table with the other children. Such a cheeky monkey! If it wasn’t so funny I might have been upset, although I should have known better than to mess with your snacks! Once you had your brioche safely in hand, you came back to me and took my hand, leading me around the nursery with your tiny footsteps, pointing at all of the things you’d been playing with. I was so shocked, little Miss independence! I felt a bit funny about it afterwards. Obviously I’m over the moon you’ve settled in. There’s nothing I want more in the world than to see you happy and have fun, but at the same time, that was my first glimpse of you gaining independence and not really needing Mummy anymore, and that made me feel a little bit sad.

You’ve had lots of visitors this month, R and L came to stay so we went to Sheffield Park and to watch Daddy play cricket. Then we took you for your first Sunday Dinner, complete with mini Yorkshire pudding which was almost as big as your head!! The week after, Granda came to stay for a whole week and looked after you all on his own while Mummy and Daddy were at two weddings. It was so cute to see the two of you together. I’m sure you’re going to be the best of friends. He took you to the park and for lots of walks on your trike and to the Marina where you walked the whole way to the railway! I’m sure he sneaked you a few chocolate buttons too while Mummy wasn’t looking. It made Mummy very happy seeing the two of you together, seeing the big hugs you gave him in the morning when we came down to breakfast and hearing him reading you a bedtime story. By the end of the week you’d even learned to say ‘Granda’ and give him the biggest grin on facetime when he got home. 

You love to point … That little finger gets everywhere!! I think you’re building up a fan base in Tesco’s sitting in the trolley shouting ‘roaw roaw roaw’ as we walk up and down the isles. Literally everyone stops to say hello! It takes us hours. 

You’ve learned a lot more words this month too. You can say ‘tractor’, ‘baby’ and ‘shoe’ and have finally realised that not all animals say ‘woof woof’, so can say ‘Baaa’ for a sheep and ‘Mooo’ for a cow. So clever! You also know ‘nose’ , ‘eyes’ ‘ears’, ‘teeth’ and ‘head’, and can say Mammy and Daddy instead of Mama and Dada. It makes my heart melt hearing your little voice. It’s so very cute.

You’ve been going to Auntie Lou’s a day a week this month and have soooo much fun with your cousins! You come home so excited babbling loudly about your day (although I can’t understand what you’re saying) and jump around wanting to bounce off the furniture! I absolutely love how excited you get!

My favourite time to be with you is still bedtime when I’m getting you to sleep. You know now that I can get into your cot, so refuse to settle down for the night until I’ve climbed in there with you! We read a book together and you wriggle around under my arm getting comfortable. Then when you’re ready to go to sleep, you lean over, squish my cheeks with your little fingers and give me the biggest kiss before falling asleep! It’s like you know how much I love you and are saying it back. It makes my heart burst with happiness and makes me chuckle a bit too.

Last night when I was putting you to bed, you refused to get in your cot until I’d put your shoes on! You still love shoes! Once you were bathed and in your pyjamas, I put your little shoes back on your feet and we climbed in your cot together to read you your bedtime story! You were really hyper, so we giggled together for a bit and then when you were ready to go to sleep, you lifted your foot in the air, pointed at your shoe {asking me to take it off}, and once I did, you fell fast asleep, just like that! It always makes me chuckle how we battle with you for ages to get you to sleep, but actually when you’re ready you can fall fast asleep in an instant!

We really are the best of friends!! I never have to go far before I hear the words ‘Mammy’ and I only have to give you a little glance to be rewarded by your huge cheeky smile. Sometimes I think you say it just to check I’m still there – which of course I always will be. We love singing together and playing games like ‘round and round the garden’, you can even trace the circle around my hand while I sing the words.

You absolutely love your Daddy too and it’s no a wonder, he really is the best Daddy. Always making sure you’re OK and taking batteries out of absolutely everything just in case you manage to release one and accidentally swallow it (I think he read an article somewhere it has scared him for life so now we have to turn the TV over by hand!). I love watching the two of you together, your big hazel eyes glistening with joy as he crawls around the floor trying to chase you or catches you for a tickle. We make a great team. You and Daddy and I. Such a lovely little happy family and that’s my dream come true.

Its been such a lovely month Ettie, I cant wait to see what the next one will bring!

All my love forever and always

Your Mummy xxx




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  1. kimberleyf1988
    26th September 2017 / 8:08 pm

    It really is bittersweet when they settle in at nursery 🙂 #DreamTeam

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