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Mamas Meet Up: With the Amazing Katie Kirby, Brighton

Image of author Katie Kirby
I’ve spoken a couple of times on here about the amazing ‘Mamas Meet Up’ events organised by the lovely sister duo Natalie Swann and Laura Mcilveen from Mums the Word.online. If you haven’t already seen them please check out my posts Mamas Meet Up: Clemmie Hooper and Mamas Meeting up to Discuss Body Positivity.

Basically the sisters are great! They understand being a Mum can be hard work, and that in reality we’d all love an opportunity to pop on a fancy frock and meet other like minded Mums in our local area! The Mamas Meet Ups were established to do just that. Each Meet Up provides Mums with an opportunity to come together and hear from an inspirational guest speaker, chatting anything from careers, style and health to home birth and sometimes baby poo! (yes we can run, but we can’t hide!!) The sisters also appreciate that finding childcare can sometimes be a nightmare so children are invited along to all of their daytime events!

There has been one Mamas Meet Up in Brighton to date (although more have been hosted in the sisters hometown of Tunbridge Wells), and as I write this i’m picking out my lippy for the next event which is to be held at the Harbour Hotel in Brighton next week (a small number of tickets are still available). This event will be a ‘Body Positive Special’ with the inspirational Megan Jayne Crabbe @bodyposipanda and the amazing Nat Lee a.k.a. @StyleMeSunday.

But enough about that, because ‘dah dah da da da’… drum roll please!! I am pleased to announce that the sisters will be sneaking in one more event in Brighton this year and I personally believe that this is set to be their best yet!!

book tour banner for the life of Archie Adams

You had me at Free Gin!!

Yes winging her way to all Brighton Mums on the 13th of October will be the lovely Katie Kirby of ‘Hurrah For Gin’ fame, promoting her latest book ‘ Hurrah for Gin: The Daily Struggles of Archie Adams (Aged 2 ¼) You’ll all know from my previous post ‘Hurrah for Katie Kirby‘, that I found her first best selling book Hurrah for Gin’ ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS and I personally can’t wait for this Meet Up to hear what Katie has to say.

image of author katie kirby
Author: Katie Kirby

If you’re from Brighton, you’ll know that Katie is a bit of a local legend, and if you’re not – well you’ll know that shes an all round legend anyway! ‘Hurrah for Gin: The Daily Struggles of Archie Adams (Aged 2 ¼) depicts the highs and lows of family life through the eyes of Archie – one highly opinionated, creatively-stifled modern-day toddler. The Mums the Word duo will be speaking to Katie about how she’s created a career from drawing ‘sweary, stick people’ (her words!) and how she juggles her new career as an author with being Mum to two boys.

If you’re interested in buying tickets I’ve included a link to the Mums the Word website here: Mums the Word.online. I’ll also be writing a full review of the event once its over!!

Oh and did I mention there’ll be FREE GIN!!! Legs it to the ticket office asap!!….’

If you’re a Brighton Mum and think you’ll be attending the event, please leave a comment in the box below. It would be lovely to meet you and I’ll look forward to seeing you at the event.


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