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I was once in a Music Video!!

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Yes, you heard right!! One that appeared on MTV and everything!!!

OK so you might think i’m clutching at straws for content here!! But as this is supposed to be a blog for Ettie I thought i’d use it as a platform to remind her how God damn super cool her Mum once was – well for a couple of hours at least!!

So yes way way waaaaay back in 2007 when Social Media was still in its infancy, I was sat scrolling though my emails – because that’s how we all communicated in those days, and up popped one from the fan club of my favourite band – the Stereophonics asking if anyone could make it up to London for 5pm to be in a Music video!! Ermmmm of course!! Whats a little technicality like actually being in work to try and stop me!!

Thinking on my feet that i’d deal with the consequences later, I replied straight away saying that I was available – and also that my boyfriend at the time would be accompanying me! He had a much better job than me at the time so skiving out of work would have been more of an issue for him, but I figured as he was based in London, it would be dooable so we were going!!

After pressing send and continuing with my day, I didn’t really think much of it, until and hour later I got the call to say we’d been selected!! Hallelujah!!! Hello long awaited stardom… We. Are. So. Rock. And. Roll!!

As luck would have it I was actually on a conference so I hot footed it right out of the door during the next break and jumped straight on a train to London – passing home on the way to change into a much cooler, Rock video worthy outfit!!

The ‘Shoot’

We met at London Victoria at about 4.30pm and somehow managed to make it over to Earls Court by 5pm (ish), where we were greeted by the production team and huddled off into an underground car park. For the next couple of hours there was lots of shuffling about, singing the chorus to their hit ‘My Friends’ over and over again until around 8pm when the band finally appeared!!

And there he was……. all 5’5 inches of leather clad lovliness!! My hero, my idol, the man of my dreams Mr Kelly Jones!!! 😍⭐


From that moment on the poor boyfriend I was with at the time, didn’t get a look in as I turned into some sort of crazed super fan, jumping around, flailing my arms in the air, holding back the urge to shout ‘MARRY ME KELLY!’ at the top of my voice, whilst also trying to portray some form of cool, rockstar-esque misdemeanour – I was in a music video after all! I think the fact that I’ve just used ‘cool’ in a sentence probably demonstrates I wasn’t very successful!!

We went through the chorus a couple more times, 8pm quickly turning into 9pm, then 10pm! Said boyfriend waiting patiently in the background while I pranced around trying to get closer to the action…. and I was pretty successful! I mean look he’s right there!!

Mr & Mrs Jones

There I am…. super fan! Creeping in on the action (please excuse the dodgy comb-over!)

Pause between takes



One day he will be mine!!!
Oh Kelly!

There was a pause for photos and at around 11pm we heard the famous words ‘Thats a wrap‘ and filming was over!

We had about 40 minutes until the last train left for Brighton so it was a toss up between hanging around for an autograph or actually being stranded in London for the night! Ever the optimist I somehow managed to persuade the boyfriend to try and do both!

We heaved ourselves to the front of the crowd, guitar rift still ringing loudly in our ears and that was that, I finally got to meet my idol. I said Hi, he nodded, I put my arm round him ready to capture the moment… and THIS is the photo the boyfriend delivered!!!!!!!


All my dreams quashed in an instant!

As you can probably tell we had to literally sprint out of the door and across London to make the train on time, but we did it and lived to tell the tale!

So there you go Ettie your Mum really was ‘cool! If you watch the video realllllllly closely you can see my head bopping away on the second row.


Bye Kelly xxx

Kellys back


Mum Muddling Through


  1. 15th September 2017 / 7:49 am

    Wow what an amazing claim to fame and it’s so awesome that you got it down in a blog post for everyone to see – I bet you’ll be dining off this story still for years to come! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub with this…indeed very cool! xoxo

    • 15th September 2017 / 8:36 am

      Ha ha thanks Talya, it is indeed my dinner party story of choice 😉 Happy I could share it with you! xx

  2. 16th September 2017 / 2:36 pm

    It’s great that you were able to see your idol. A pity your then boyfriend didn’t get a better photo of you and your idol together. #coolmumclub

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