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Lovely Little Aurelia πŸ’• | Review

little aurelia top to toe cream in box and bunny I attended an event recently and was lucky enough to receive this beautiful Little Aurelia top to toe body lotion in one of the Goodie Bags. I was so impressed with the product that I wanted to write a little post about it to share it with you, as I think its a brand worth talking about.

The first thing which struck me, was how beautiful the packaging is. The colours and detail on the illustrations, together with the gold edging around the box make it pretty enough to be on display in my little girls room (OK so its not exactly an ornament but it sits on her book case for the time being as it seems to pretty to hide away in a cupboard!).

Bio-Organic & British Made

A quick glance over the leaflet which came with the goodie bag informed me that the range is 100% BioOrganic and free from synthetic fragrances. As we’re trying to embrace the whole organic lifestyle at the moment, (more about this another time) I was intrigued to find out more.

The leaflet states The Little Aurelia range is designed for babies and young children, blending ‘gentle yet effective botanical ingredients with soothing essential oils to calm and settle at bathtime and before bed‘. Great I thought, maybe this is something which will actually get her to sleep!!!!

Reading a little further I also discovered that the range is actually made in Britain operated by founder & amazing Mama Claire Vero. It is also made from pure, natural and ethically sourced ingredients, meaning it’s free from those harmful chemicals which can irritate your little ones skin (it just keeps getting better!).

After having done some research into the baby product industry when I was pregnant with Ettie, I was shocked to learn that even the products claiming to be mildest and suitable from birth, contain surfactants, chemicals, and even SLS which is a suspected carcinogen!)

Having sensitive skin myself, I was worried my children would suffer in the same way and i’m not a real fan of adding unnecessary chemicals to our daily lives, particularly small babies, so I invested in the Organic Baby range for Ettie as I wanted to use products which were as natural as possible. (You can find the Organic Babies Mum & Baby Rescue Balm – Scent Free on Amazon .


Organic Babies is lovely and competitively priced in the natural product market, however for me, the smell let it down (its un-scented). While this was perfect for Etties gentle newborn skin, we rarely used products on her when she was that small. So by the time she was ready for the ‘big bath’, I would have preferred something which enhanced that scummy bed time baby smell.

We also used the Little Butterfly London Soft As MoonlightΒ nappy change cream and this was amazing as it cleared up a little rash on her leg which all of the other creams just made worse. I might write a full post on this actually as we were so impressed!


Anyway back to Little Aurelia,…

Product Review

So other than all of the wonderful qualities of the actual range, what did I think about the product itself? Well not surprisingly, its actually really lovely. The lotion has a lovely soothing smell of Lavender which would be perfect to use as part of a calming baby massage bedtime routine.

It soaked into my daughters skin really easily, leaving behind no greasy residue which made application clean and quick after bath time (no wiping my hands on my trousers to remove the extra product!)

Also a little goes a long way, I found that two pumps was enough to cover the whole of Ettie’s body. I’d probably use more if I was giving her a baby massage, but she’s so wriggly at the moment, I think we’ve missed that window.

Price – At Β£30 a bottle it is quite expensive, however it would make a beautiful present for someones babyshower – or as a present to yourself and new baby when you’re feeling ‘flush’ in those first few months of maternity pay.

Packaging – Both the box and bottle are exquisitely presented with hand drawn bunny illustrations of bed time scenes. The pump dispenser also makes it easy to access the product with one hand while your baby is trying to wriggle away!

Perfect Gift – I’ve already touched on the fact that the lotion would make a perfect present for a friends babyshower. However after looking at the website, I also discovered that the whole range is available in a Woodland Friends Gift Set, priced at Β£150 but worth Β£200. The gift set is presented in a beautiful child’s suitcase which can be used as a memory box once all the products have been used; and comes complete with a limited edition Sleep Time Tales book.


Does it work as a aid to sleep…..? Unsurprisingly for us the answer is No, however I do have a daughter who thinks sleep is for the devil! The soothing lavender blend did relax me enough to have a snooze next to her cot, however I was rudely awoken by her trying to pull my hair through the bars, so sadly it didnt have the desired effect on her!!

Overall review:

Although it is a bit pricey compared to other products on the market, there are so many harmful chemicals in the traditional baby brands that it may be worth spending the money to be reassured that you are using something gentle and organic on your child’s skin, particularly if it is a newborn.

After having tried organic babies last time and being impressed with the concept but not blown away with the product. I will happily invest in Little Amelia next time, but instead of buying the whole range, I’ll probably just stick to the products I used with Ettie which were the body wash, body lotion and nappy cream (although I am still happy with Little Butterfly for now.)

The equivalent of these products in the Little Amelia Range are:

The Sleep Time Top to Toe Wash : Β£26 for 240ml


The Sleep Time Top to Toe Cream (as discussed above) Β£30 for 240ml


The Comfort and Calm Rescue Cream Β£34 for 50g


A Sleep Time Pillow Mist, A Sleep Time Bath and Massage Oil and Top to Toe Natural Konjak Sponge are also available.

If you’d like to discover Little Aurelia for yourself, there was a Discount Code voucher included in the Goodie Bag too πŸ˜‰ Use DISCOVER15 for 15% off online until the 31st August Yay!

For More information visit : Little Aurelia website

Amazing Mama : Founder & CEO Claire Vero started the company in 2013 to help women think about probiotics in a different way. Having spent nearly 10 years at the forefront of pharmaceutical excellence, Claire learned the huge difference probiotics could make to the skin. Following her discovery she felt empowered to create products that harnessed the power of probiotics, used in a new way, delivered alongside formulations that were natural, ethical and sustainable.



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