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I Actually Did it!! Making the switch from IPhone 6 to Samsung S8: Initial thoughts

samsung s8 case, box and white iphone All the gritted teeth emoji faces over here!!!! After months and months of debate with myself and every other fellow human I’ve came into contact with  – i’m so sorry if I’ve bored you over and over!! I finally took the leap today and made the move over to Samsung leaving behind my trusted Apple IPhone 6!!

For me this was huge! I’ve been with Apple for as long as I can remember. I’m an Apple person, we have an Ipad, a Mac and an Apple TV! My husband has an Iphone, my parents both now have Iphones and I cant remember the last time I actually send a green message! I understand where I am with Apple, everything just ‘works!’

However for a while now, i’ve noticed how much brighter and clearer all my friends photos are who already have Samsung phones. I swear there must be a little face editor built in there too, because they all look GORGEOUS! Not that my friends aren’t already gorgeous, but the Samsung leaves no flaws. The Instagram nerd in me couldn’t take it anymore!!! I am also fed up of continually smashing my iphone screen and I know this isn’t something Samsung will be able to help me with – im just a klutz! But after smashing my iphone for the 3rd time this year, the love affair was coming to an end!

So today I finally took the plunge and made the call ordering a Samsung Galaxy S8 in Orchid Grey… and so far i’m not regretting it at all!! (ok its only been a few hours and I haven’t actually put my sim-card in the new phone yet because i’m still a bit scared!!) But other than that, on first impressions I am very impressed with the Samsung. Its sleek and stylish and the screen is HUGE! Its also really easy to use, with the set up assistant going through all the various options with you, before even inserting a sim-card.

Samsung Galaxy S8 in Orchid Grey

Whats even better is that they have invented something called a ‘Safe Switch’ device which is included in the box. I am told this will magically transfer everything over from my trusty Iphone to my Samsung without me having to mess about with anything too technical. It seems too good to be true, and from past experience any techno gadget which is supposed to save time, generally takes me longer than everyone else, but I am willing to give it a try so watch this space.

Smart Switch

Another feature which I am loving, its the pattern option for actually unlocking your phone. Regular Samsung users are probably reading this thinking ‘is she mad!!‘ as there is SO.MUCH.MORE that the S8 has to offer!! However I was forever typing my number in wrong into the iphone, mixing up the first and last numbers getting the annoying buzzzz when I got it wrong. So to me the pattern is a breath of fresh air and i’ll smile every time I use it- – until the novelty wears off anyways!

As a Mum, another feature which I think will be lifesaving is the fact that there is no home button!! SMILE!! Ettie, my daughter has made friends with Siri- best friends!! To the point where whenever i’m trying to keep her entertained with something on my phone  – not that I ever use my phone as a babysitter of course!   A-hem so yes in a hypothetical situation when i’m trying to make her sit and watch Pepper Pig for enough time to let me prepare her lunch in peace – she constantly presses the big white button which in turn knocks everything off and the chaos resumes once again! She is very cute and shouts ‘Hello‘ down the Phone whenever Siri answers – I think he’s a bit of a tormented dog to be honest… but not having a home button is going to make lunch times run much more smoothly…. I hope!!

So yes… so far Samsung I am happy! I’ve opted for the Galaxy S8 in Orchid Grey with 64gb of memory. I was going to swap to Tesco Mobile as their deal is slightly cheaper than O2, but when I called for my Pak code, the lady on the other end of the line was really helpful and told me I could pick my phone up today if I stayed with them, so for the extra few quid it cost I stayed with them to save time and hassle later on…. it was approaching the end of Etties nap time and I knew once she woke up i’d never get anything done so it would likely be a few more months before I built up courage again!

Whats in the Box?

The box included the phone, some earphones,  a charger, an ejection pin for the micro-sim and the ‘Smart Switch’ USB device which I talked about earlier. There was also a USB cable and Micro USB Connector for use with Type C USB ports, although I haven’t found a need to use that yet.

I intend to write up a full blog post on my experiences with making the switch in a few weeks once i’ve got my head around it. I just wanted to get my initial thoughts down now! I also need to buy a new phone case! 😳

So what do you think? Has anyone else made the switch from Apple to Android and how are you feeling it? Any regrets?



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