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one year old smiling at mum with ice cream We had a bit of a shitty day yesterday, finding out some news that wasn’t entirely unexpected but which was hard to hear nevertheless. I’m sure I’ll cover it in detail one day, but today is not that day as I think I’d like to process it a while first.

Anyhooooo the point of this post is not to make you cry into your cornflakes, but to celebrate the fact that even though our news was rubbish, an afternoon with this little tinker made me forget all our troubles and just appreciate life and all that we already have.

Before I became a parent, I used to hear people talking about the magic of parenthood, but I thought it was just something they would say to help compensate for the fact that their child was running around Debenhams throwing all the clothes on the floor! ‘ Oh its magical’ I’d hear them say. ‘He’s got so much character.’

But it really is magical!! Yesterday I took Ettie to the beach in her Trike for the first time and her little excited face made me forget everything I’d heard that morning and beam with pride as we walked along the seafront. She’s learned to smile on demand if I say CHEEEEEEESE so we took a few photos in front of the beach huts and then bought an ice cream from the café.  I mean just look at that face! She was so excited!


Its days like yesterday which I will cherish forever, just me and my daughter smiling and eating ice cream on the beach. It’s a little sad that she’ll never remember it, but in a way that’s why I’m writing this blog, because I want her to know how much she has changed my life for the better and how I couldn’t love her any more if I tried! 💕


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