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Letters to Ettie {12 months of perfect you}

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Dear Ettie, our beautiful, funny, loving, charming and crazy little daughter,

I don’t think I can ever put into words how much I love you, there just aren’t enough words on the planet, but I have been writing little snippets about your life in your baby diary for the past 12 months, and now that’s all full up so I’ve decided to write you a monthly letter to record our adventures together and document any new little things you learn as the months goes by.

Time whistles by so quickly, I always tell myself I’ll never forget the day you got your first tooth, or the day you first crawled, but in reality, every stage in your life has been so magical, I think if I had space in my brain to remember the date every moment happened, we would be millionaires living our lives out on a sunny topical island somewhere. Sadly that is not the case, so its sunny Sussex for us and these lovely letters to record our memories.

So this month you turned One!! That’s four seasons and one whole revolution around the sun! I just can’t believe it! We’ve had so much fun together over the past 12 months, it’s been the best year of my entire life and I can’t even think about returning to work in a few days, but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

one year old girl clapping in dads arms with pink tutu on

The morning of your birthday you were so excited, as soon as you woke up, I think you could tell it was a special day because you kept giggling, jumping around and clapping your hands. Daddy and I had stayed up late the night before wrapping your presents so they were ready when you came down the stairs. When Daddy carried you into the room you opened your eyes wide, pointed at your new trike and said ‘Wooooooow’ pulling your cheeky little shocked face! It made us all chuckle.

We had such a lovely weekend, Granny and Granda came to stay and we had a little party on the Sunday, but your actual birthday was on the Friday and Daddy had to work in the morning meaning I got to spend the morning with you on my own, just girls. We had the best time. We went to Brighton to see some friends, then to soft play with the twins. You were so excited throwing yourself around and trying to climb in and out of the ball pit. When Granny and Daddy came to pick you up, you were all puffed and your cheeks were pink, I don’t think you wanted to leave. 

The month begin with a horrific bomb in Manchester which happened the day before your Daddys birthday. It was awful and Mummy cried the whole day, but I think you realised something was wrong as you kept looking at me quizzically and reaching over for extra cuddles. It amazes me so much how in tune you are with emotions. You even gave your dolly a kiss goodnight. You really are such a remarkable little person and I can’t believe our luck that you found your way to us and popped out as our daughter.

mummy daddy and one year old girl in sunglassesWe’ve had so much fun this month, its been nice and sunny so we’ve had lots of adventures like going to the beach and to first birthday parties. I even bought you your first pair of sunglasses and jelly shoes. You absolutely loved them, such a cool little dude 😉  The 31st May was a big day as I managed to get your very first tiny pony tail right on the top of your head. You looked a little bit like Bam Bam from the Flintstones but were super cute 🙂 On the 1st June you went into the sea for the very first time with your pal Eddie, but I don’t think you liked the waves and kept lifting your legs up to avoid them. It was very funny.

You’ve been getting much stronger on your feet recently, pulling yourself up on the baby walker to have a little waddle around. You can even stand one handed sometimes and often try to make an escape out of the back door. It must be so frustrating when the obstacles to hold on to run out and you have to crawl instead. I think that’s what you are trying to tell me with your little animated babbles. I’m convinced you know what you are saying, and it all sounds rather important. Perhaps Mummy should take time to learn your language instead of you trying to master ours! 

You’re getting a lot braver too and even went down the banana slide all on your own at the park. The twins turned one a little bit before you and had a party with a climbing frame. You and Henry loved climbing up to the top and shouting. I think you’re two peas in a pod. 

Your fourth, fifth and sixth teeth pushed through this month. Its rather odd to see my little baby with teeth and sometimes when I take a picture I have to take a second glance, but it didn’t seem to bother you, other than you biting down on a few things.

Our adventures this month include going to Cumbria to see Granny and Granda. It was your first time sleeping somewhere without Mummy and Daddy and I was so nervous about handing you over in Manchester that I gave you an extra tight cuddle and shed a little tear as we left, but it was only for 24 hours and you had the time of your life with them so it worked out well. When I called you were brushing auntie L’s hair and said ‘hello’ to me on the phone (even though it was actually the remote control) I missed you so much. We also went to a little festival in Hove Park and bought you a little paddling pool.

It’s been such a lovely month, the best way to end the perfect year since you were born.  This year has been the best and happiest year of Mummy’s life., I’ve loved spending every minute with you, watching you grow and learn new things. You make Mummy and Daddy so happy. Its going to be a little different when I go back to work next month, but I hope that we can be just as close. I love you more than all the stars in the sky my perfect little pumpkin and I hope you had the best time on your birthday.

All my love forever and always,

Mummy xxxxx


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