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B a b y  D i a r i e s 💕 (Ettie’s Birthday Eve)

image of three diaries and some flowers

I’ve kept these diaries daily since the morning I found out I was pregnant (which was around week 3, I was so eager!!) 💕 In one more sleep my baby turns one and I’m so excited about it! Excited to see her little face open her presents, excited about her turning into a little person and seeing her little personality develop. But I’m also crying on the inside because that’s our first year over.

Our first year of getting to know one another, spending every day together because I was on maternity leave. My first year of becoming a Mum and learning I can love someone so unconditionally it’s magical

Soon I’ll go back to work & she’ll start having fun with other people, which is amazing but a little sad knowing I’ll miss some things! Still at least we’ll be able to afford nice holidays again 😉☀️  💕

You can find the Bump to Birthday diary here and while the Moms One Line Diary was a present from the States, I’ve found a copy on Amazon hereMom’s One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book


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