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I’m a huge follower of small brands and love finding products that are unique and different from anything you’d find on the high street. Whats even better is that a number of these brands are run by Amazing Mamas who have had the courage to reach out and set up their own businesses.

I spent a year whilst on maternity leave trying to come up with a creative idea so of my own so I could join these amazing women in business, but sadly i’m just not as gifted. So my contribution to the world is to write about them and share my small brand findings with the blogging community instead.  

In order to do this, I’ve created a category on my blog to showcase these amazing Mamas and their beautiful products. Under each item you’ll find a link to the brand website, a summary of my favourite purchases and a shout out to the Amazing Mama who founded the company.

I’ve included a list of some of the brands I intend to showcase below:

Adore Baby


Daydreams & Dandelions

Elki Wrap

Evie Michelle
Fred and Noah
Freya Lillie
Little Aurelia
Little Peach Handmade
Little Unicorn
Lola Loves Decor
Mama Designs
Mums the Word
This Paper Book
Sketchy Muma
The Modern Nursery
Velveteen Babies
Wonder and Rah

If you like the look of any of the brands featured or know of a brand which you would like to see me showcase, please get in touch using the information on my contact page.  I’ve included a gallery detailing some of the beautiful products, the majority of which are handmade that I have managed to source for Ettie along my motherhood journey to date.


Supporting all Mamas everywhere


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