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baby girl standing on tip toes in blue dungerees with white wooden pram smiling

Ok so im writing this post purely to show off how she looks so God darn cute she looks in this amazing little two piece from Little Bird by Jools Oliver (available in Mothercare) – all the heart eyed smiley faces!! 😍

I absolutely LOVE the Little Bird collection. It’s so colourful, retro and FUN but I will admit I’ve been a little scared to buy anything from it as I was worried she’d end up looking a bit like Noddy – 😳




Not that there’s anything wrong with looking like Noddy, I mean we’ve all been there…. (Thanks Mam!!)









But I’m happy to admit that on this occasion I was wrong (ok maybe just a little bit wrong but she would make a very cute Noddy!)

Outfit from Little Bird by Jools Oliver

Little girl in blue dungerees

My lovely NCT friend Julie bought Ettie this outfit as a Christening present back in March & im sooo glad she did. This is without a doubt my favourite outfit that I’ve dressed her in. I love the bright block colour of the dungarees and the little red, yellow and green detail on the t-shirt.

I’ve fallen victim a couple of time of buying Ettie mini adult clothes from places like Zara which I would love to wear myself – I mean their children’s section is a.m.a.z.i.n.g! But when she’s this tiny, I’ve found that they don’t hang right or the colour palette doesn’t really show off her cheeky face. What Little Bird has made me realise is that for Ettie, when she’s this small, having fun with clothes and bright colours actually suits her better. I can’t wait to get her back into being the baby Zara fashionista when she’s a little older, but for now she’ll be dressing in all of the colours of the rainbow and I’m sure she’ll thank me when shes older 😉🤣

In any case there is absolutely nothing wrong with dressing like Noddy!! 😂😂

baby girl standing in blue dungerees with white wooden pram


Some more of my favourites by Little Bird:

green girls dress

Green Pinny Dress £14-16.99

Yellow Ditzy Blouse £12-14.00

Ditzy Floral Sundress £14-16.00

Blouse and Bloomer set £11.00

Cross Stitch Blouse £13.00- £14.00









Amazing Mama & Founder : Jools Oliver. Jools explains the origins of Little Bird, began ‘with a nightie embroidered with a little fawn, worn first by her sisters, then by her and her children. The Little Bird brand was developed to reflect the unique and modern approach to motherhood that she enjoys with her wonderful family. From gorgeous newborn baby outfits to stylish and fun unisex children’s clothes, the exciting Little Bird range is easily mixed and matched to encourage children to dress themselves.  Little Bird is a celebration of childhood and the freedom that every child should have to express themselves.  




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