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Reaching New Heights {our home}

image of street from roof, sunny day
House covered in scaffolding with big orange ladder
Big Ladder in question


I went up to our new third floor of our new house today which was a bit jazzy! I climbed up a huge orange ladder and everything (although I was a bit scared to come back down it so chickened out and used the smaller ladder inside the house instead!)

It was brilliant up there, I felt like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins! In fact I half expected him to pop his head out of one of the chimneys! But I was left with this motley crew instead! I mean I don’t know about you, but there’s definitely some resemblances between this build and the construction of the ‘Empire State building!

work men on top of room with bums in the air
Bottoms Up!!
New York or Sussex?


The next Athena poster right there!

It was crazy seeing how much progress our builders have made in just a couple of weeks. They’ve removed the roof, punched through where the new staircase is going to go, removed the ceilings from the bathroom and smaller bedroom and made a start in building the frame for the third floor. It was so strange looking down through our house from above. But I loved it, I felt really lucky to be able to see how our house was put together & to stand on our roof!


It’s now when all the decisions begin to start. I’d forgot how absolutely everything when renovating a house leads to a question. At the moment we need to decide where the bathroom window, velux’s and patio doors are going to be positioned, what patterned glass we’d like and what colour roof tiles to go for. It all seem pretty straight forward, but when your suddenly faced with decisions that are going to change the appearance of your house forever – and they are things you’ve never even thought about! The pressure is on to get it right!! 😵

Rooftop views
Rooftop views complete with Angel orb 💕

I think we’re opting for Marley Natural Red on the roof, because even though I want to modernise the house, I still want to try & keep its traditional features. We’ve decided to line the patio doors up with where the foot of the bed is going to be and there’s a debate with Stu as to whether we’re going to be able to fit a bath in our en-suite – him saying no, but I really want a roll top! So the position of the bathroom window is going to be put on hold for the time being. We’ve decided to use Minister shaded glass by Pilkington for the bathroom windows. When I looked, all of the options were pretty naff but I thought the Minster would let most light in, whilst giving us a bit of privacy to wash our bits!

So that’s our progress to date! Only another month till moving day! 😬😬


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