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mother holding daughter above head at christening both in white Hi my name is Emma, Mum of one to my beautiful and crazy daughter Arrietty (8 months)! I’m new to this blogging lark and I’m not really sure where its going to take me, but its something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time now so here goes!

I’m a HUGE Instagram fan and always babble away way too much under those little squares, so this little outlet might let me rabbit on a bit more without boring all my usual followers to tears!

So what am I going to write about…. well I expect i’ll include A LOT about being Etties’ Mum, (that’s my daughter) as quite frankly she’s amazing (totally unbiased here) and much more interesting than me 😉

But we’re also in the process of renovating our second home – a 1930’s semi in West Sussex so expect a few updates on that – (although I cant promise pretty pictures for a while yet). I think the idea of documenting life with my daughter so she has something to look back and read when she’s older will be my main focus, but also like to travel a bit (finances permitting) so expect a few pretty pictures from foreign shores!

So there you go, if you’re into Mum life, days out, travelling with a bit of interior design and home renovation thrown in, then this may be a blog to keep watching.

If the thought of yet another Mummy blog makes you quake in your boots, then please look away now …. nothing to see here ;0) xx




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